Blue World City Islamabad Starts Biometric Files Allocation 2022

Blue World City Islamabad Starts Biometric Files Allocation 2022

Announcement of biometric allocation system in Blue World City
ISLAMABAD, July 05, 2022- The officials of Blue World City have announced the biometric allocation of files. 

Based on biometric authentication, the Blue World City Biometric Allocation System attached unique devices to the Blue World City app. The major benefit of using biometric verification for file allocation is that possibility of fraud is completely removed. The biometric allocation system will use a fingerprint to verify a customer’s file. A doorstep and online transfer service will soon be available, according to Blue World City. Through the website, plots would be easily transferred for both local and overseas Pakistanis. Also, the first provisional allocation letter was handed over to a customer for further possession & construction work in General Block through a biometric finger scan device attached to a biometric scanner.

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