CDA Collected PKR 40 Million Tax Revenue in July 2022

CDA Collected PKR 40 Million Tax Revenue in July 2022

Announcement of tax collected by CDA in July 2022

ISLAMABAD, August 13, 2022- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) collected Rs. 40 million in tax revenue in July 2022. 

Sources claim that the CDA has published tax statistics for the first month of the fiscal year 2022–23 after changes were made to the land-related procedure. The revenue was collected from various departments. Rs. 2 million was collected from the building control directorate for awarding 20 completion certifications to residential constructions. The granting of a completion certificate for a commercial building generated PKR 100,000 in revenue. PKR 150,000 was earned through the endorsement of 10 building plans. The granting of no-objection certificates (NOCs) for 38 commercial structures brought in PKR 35 million. By giving 55 residential buildings NOCs, PKR 2 million was earned. The owners of two properties were penalized PKR 1.5 million for breaking building regulations.

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