Pakistan’s Most Premium Lakeside Marvel

Al Sadat Marketing is an official visionary partner of Lakeshore City. Together, we are redefining the landscape of luxury living. This exclusive collaboration is more than just a partnership. It is a seamless alliance of creative architects crafting dreams where professional expertise enhances the beauty of nature.

Here's why Lakeshore City is the ultimate destination for you:

Lakeshore City Location

Located in the heart of Khanpur, Lakeshore City ensures exceptional convenience for both residents and visitors. It provides easy accessibility that boosts the entire appeal of this beautiful place.

Near to:
2.5 km from Mabali Island
04 km from Rajdani
15 min from Islamabad D12
20 km from Faisal Town, Wah Cantt
13 km from Multi garden B12
20 min from F11, Islamabad

Lakeshore City Owners & Developers

The reputable Al Sadat Group, a well-known name in Pakistan’s real estate industry, is the owner and developer of Lakeshore City. Al Sadat Group was founded in Karachi in 1975. Al Sadat Group transitioned into the real estate industry in 2015, and in 2018, it changed its name to Al Sadat Marketing. Under the leadership of Syed Sadat Hussain Shah, the group has extended its footprint, establishing luxurious communities in England, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. One of their first self-owned projects, Lakeshore City, is a milestone in upscale housing societies. This project is based on legality, precision, and promised quality. Trust in Al Sadat Group – where visionary development meets uncompromising integrity.

Lakeshore City NOC

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the Lakeshore City Housing project has been filed for approval, which is a big step forward in complying with regulations. The NOC petition comes after acquiring property and transferring ownership when the project is still in its initial phases. The planned acceptance, which is anticipated soon, confirms the project’s dedication to adhering to security and regulatory requirements. 
Potential buyers should follow the management of Lakeshore City’s announcements for up-to-date information, as this will guarantee integrity and instill trust in the following acceptance procedure. This development is consistent with the project’s aim to provide a safe and law-abiding living atmosphere.

Lakeshore City Master Plan

A group of competent architects used their collective skills to create the master plan for Lakeshore City Khanpur. They have created an exceptional layout plan with significant roadways and easy-to-access locations. The layout plan of this new housing project includes several site classifications in the picturesque area around Khanpur Dam. The residents of Lakeshore City can also enjoy contemporary, eco-friendly services and top-class facilities in this residential community.

Features & Facilities

Lakeshore City offers top-class amenities to provide the best quality of life to residents. Everyone living in the community will have access to an outstanding lifestyle. Lakeshore City is renowned for its variety of contemporary amenities, including:

Education Sector

An outstanding educational facility, providing an ideal environment for studying and much more. At Lakeshore City, every detail is carefully considered to ensure all your educational needs are readily available at your door.


Being in perfect health is no longer a privilege. Entrust your well-being to Lakeshore Hospital's cutting-edge facilities, compassionate physicians, and skilled nurses.

Club House/ Conference Room

which has a contemporary design conference room. Whether hosting business meetings or social events, this facility promises a smooth fusion of elegance and efficiency for a more prosperous community experience.

Lake Argyle

Inspired by the picturesque of Lake Argyle, Lakeshore City offers an extraordinary lifestyle. Beyond beauty, it attracts tourists and promotes a vibrant community that blends environment and culture.

Salient features of Lakeshore City Khanpur

Lakeshore Farms

Enjoy the peace of life at Lakeshore Farms, where modest farmhouses and serene surroundings coexist. Nestled among stunning scenery, Lakeshore Farms redefines excitement and relaxation in the middle of nature.

Lakeshore Club

Harmony, community, and enduring family memories are fostered in this exclusive haven. As a pioneer in Pakistani facilities, we provide an unparalleled combination of opulent living and a collaborative atmosphere.

Lakeshore Residencia

Experience a serene and luxurious lifestyle at Lakeshore Residencia. We promise a comforting residential experience with top-notch amenities, fostering a culture of modern living.

Other features of the society include:

Lakeshore City Payment Plan

Pre Launch Plan
Sizes (Kanal) Total Price Booking 12.5% Conformation 12.5% 30 Monthly Installment 6 Bi Annual Payment Bollating 10%
2 Kanal 7,000,000 875,000 875,000 75,833 379,167 700,000
4 Kanal 13,500,000 1,687,500 1,6687,500 146,250 731,250 1,350,000
8 Kanal 25,000,000 3,125,000 3,125,000 270,833 1,354,167 2,500,000

Lakeshore City Payment Plan

After Launch Plan
Sizes (Kanal) Total Price Booking 12.5% Conformation 12.5% 30 Monthly Installment 6 Bi Annual Payment Bollating 10%
2 Kanal 8,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 86,667 433,333 800,000
4 Kanal 14,500,000 1,812,500 1,812,500 157,083 785,417 1,450,000
8 Kanal 27,000,000 3,375,000 4,050,000 292,500 1,620,000 2,700,000

Why Invest in Lakeshore City Khanpur?

Located in a scenic location, Lakeshore City offers more than simply property; it is an investment in unmatched natural beauty that will provide you with long-term benefits.

Scenic Location

The allure of Lakeshore City is its idyllic location surrounded by lakes and mountains. It's more than just an investment—it's ownership of a little piece of paradise in the heart of Capital.

Investment Potential

The competence of Al Sadat Group enhances the investment potential of Lakeshore City. Your investment is nourished for growth with strategic planning and a dedication to quality, matching the real estate market's optimistic direction.

Affordable Payment Plans

Lakeshore City offers flexible payment plans. We facilitate our buyers in the journey of purchasing their dream home. With Lakeshore City, luxury living is not just a dream but an achievable endeavor.

Tourism and Economic

Lakeshore City promises to play a crucial role in the country's economic growth. Also, historic Buddhist landmarks near Lakeshore City add cultural richness, boosting the economic and tourism industry.


As the visionary partner of Lakeshore City, Al Sadat Marketing invites you to join a community where elegance and integrity combine. Invest in Lakeshore City for an exceptional lifestyle that combines world-class amenities, stunning scenery, and a commitment to excellence. 

Welcome to a lifestyle beyond compare!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Where is the Location of Lakeshore City?

Lakeshore City is located in the heart of Khanpur. Also, it is easily accessible from famous landmarks like Mabali Island, Rajdani, Islamabad D12, Faisal Town, and Wah Cantt.

Who is the Owner and Developer of Lakeshore City?

Al Sadat Group, a well-known name in Pakistan’s real estate industry, is the owner and developer of Lakeshore City.

What Makes Lakeshore City Unique?

Lakeshore City is distinguished by its stunning location, World-Class amenities, and dedication to architectural excellence.

What Facilities are Available in Lakeshore City?

Lakeshore City offers diverse facilities, including an educational sector, a Lakeshore Hospital, a Clubhouse with a conference room, and exciting recreational opportunities such as Mini Golf, Paragliding, Sky Diving, and more.

Are there special perks for Lakeshore Club members?

Yes! Members of Lakeshore Club have access to unique memberships at prestigious clubs at an incredible 50% discount.

Why Choose Lakeshore City Over Other Housing Projects?

It is a wise investment because of its advantageous location, investment potential, flexible payment plans, and contribution to tourism and the country’s economic growth.