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5 Ways to Avoid Investment Frauds in 2023

Whatever else is going on in Pakistani business, economics, and finance, there is always a story about a major real estate fraud.

Investing in real estate requires significant financial investment over time. As a result, extra caution and attention must be paid when engaging in these types of payments.

 Despite the fact that the Pakistani real estate market now has customer-friendly norms and regulations, buyers need to exercise caution and vigilance because the process of purchasing a property involves several parties and an abundance of paperwork.

Red Flags in Investment Sector

Risk exists regardless of how you choose to invest your money. The higher the promises of extraordinary profit or return, the riskier the investment.  Recognize and understand the signs of investment fraud to save money:

  • A high rate of return is guaranteed with no risk involved.
  • A guarantee that the investment will not fail at any cost.
  • The insistence that the investment is only available for a limited time and is a short-term offer.
  • The lack of any paperwork, especially those outlining the investment, how it operates, and how you will be compensated.
  • You’ve been asked to keep the situation private.

How You Can Avoid Investment Scams

Here are some common-sense tips and ways that can help you escape major investment scams:

  • Do you market research
  • Negotiate with the other party personally
  • Reputation of the owner
  • Complete verification
  • Be skeptical

1. Do Your Market Research

Understand how an investment works, the risks, and any costs before making one. Check if it suits your financial objectives and other investment goals or not. 

You should not invest your life money without first gathering all essential information. If you are investing in society, find out how much land the society has claimed and whether the claim is being carried out legally. Before you put your trust and money into a property, double-check all of the documentation for validity.

The most important step in investing in real estate is to conduct market research on current market pricing, reputable dealers, appropriate paperwork, suitable societies, and projects by reputable developers, among other things. This can save the investor a great deal of time and effort.

You can use research to narrow down the projects in which you can invest. This also simplifies the decision-making process. You can also inquire about the pricing of the same area from multiple real estate agencies or dealers or do online research about the project.

2. Negotiate With The Other Party Personally

When you’ve made a decision about the property you want to buy or sell, ask your real estate agent to set up a meeting with the other party. 

Unless the property is being sold or bought for the first time by a reputable real estate agency, you should not deal with such important things directly with the agent without personally meeting and negotiating with the other party in the deal.

Cross-checking the allotment/transfer letter with the NIC of the seller you’re selling or buying the property from is another way to ensure property ownership.

This is a significant concern for foreign investors because they are unable to meet the property seller directly. If it is possible, they should personally visit the location and try to meet the seller. This is critical because agents commit fraud at this stage. If you are unsure, it is best to avoid making an investment this way. 

3. Reputation of The Owner

A successful investment relies heavily on the reputation of the owner. The reputation of the proprietor and developer should always be considered. The owner’s background and previous projects will provide you insight into what the future project would entail.

 We advise avoiding investing in a project about which you have little or no knowledge. Along with checking out the owner’s reputation, you should always go to the location in person to observe the development and management pace. If the land development is slow or non-existent, there’s a likelihood the project is a fraud.

Another element to consider is poor management, as poor management leads to unsatisfactory results and lowers the value of a project, leading to ruined investment.

4. Complete Verification

Almost all properties or land needs to be registered with the concerned authorities or have a No Objection Certificate. Before buying any land or closing any investment deal, verify if the property is registered or not. 

If you are going to invest in any housing society, as a first step, check the society’s NOC with the proper officials first, and then confirm the information with the authorities.

 To make things easier and more transparent for investors, the government has established official websites where anyone seeking information may do so without having to leave their homes.

5. Be Skeptical

Use common sense and logically examine all parts of the project; if there is an unrealistic claim of a large return on investment in a short period of time, you should be concerned. Similarly, be wary if you can’t find information about a project online or if there is a website and it doesn’t appear to be legitimate; there’s a good possibility the scheme is fraudulent, and you should avoid becoming involved.


There will always be corrupt society members who seek to prosper in life and make money by illegal means and criminal acts. It is easier for such persons to target innocent people, but it is up to members of society to expose and denounce such activities. 

There will be no way for these scams to be carried out openly and on such a wide scale if every single member of society takes responsibility and executes their job properly.

You should never make your investment decisions solely on promotional emails, message board postings, or company news releases. Before investing, carefully learn about a company’s business and its services.

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Al Sadat Marketing is one of the leading companies that has been providing its marketing services in Pakistan’s Real Estate sector for more than a decade and has seen great growth while gaining widespread public trust. We operate professionally and believe in open and honest communication. Real Estate Company in Islamabad constantly provides its clients with the best deals and strives diligently to meet the demands of each investor.

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