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All You Need to Know About 5G Networks in Pakistan

The potential for 5G in Pakistan is quite good. About 90 million people currently use smartphones, and that number is increasing quickly each year. The annual rate of internet adaptation is 23%. The Pakistani economy will undergo a complete change thanks to 5G technology.

After successful trials of the next-generation wireless network by telecom carriers, Pakistan’s government plans to introduce 5G technology by 2023, making good on its promise to become a fully digital country.

What is 5G Internet?

The fifth generation of mobile broadband technology, or 5G, offers users of the internet download and upload speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. Compared to all prior generations of broadband cellular networks, the technology is significantly more advanced. For instance, a 4G network can only accommodate up to 100,000 devices per square kilometre, whereas a 5G internet connection can accommodate up to a million devices in the same area, or 10 times more devices.

5G in Pakistan 

Everyone is questioning when 5G will be accessible in Pakistan as 5G phones become more affordable and widely available. But the solution isn’t that straightforward. Well, the advancement of numerous current projects, including 5G, has been hampered, including the change of government earlier this year, the tumultuous political environment, and growing prices. This might possibly be the cause of Pakistan’s 5G auction not taking place on the scheduled date. 

A new foundation for 5G infrastructure is being created by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication. It entails using better services and technology to repurpose the spectrum bands that are currently available. The effectiveness of the currently available spectrum will rise.

For the creation and deployment of the 5G network, the IT Ministry is collaborating with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), and Frequency Association Board (FAB). A tentative date for the launch of 5G in Pakistan is somewhere around 2023. For the more than 32 million smartphone users in the nation, enjoying 5G services is still just a distant dream as of right now.

The digital environment in Pakistan is rapidly changing, driven by the most recent internet broadband networks and cutting-edge technologies. The telecommunications industry today affects all facets of society and is crucial to maintaining the nation’s economic prosperity, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The recent approval of non-commercial 5G testing in Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) brings the development of mobile broadband technology to a completely new level. In the coming years, the administration wants to formally introduce 5G networks in Pakistan. This indicates that the entire nation will soon have access to lightning-fast internet speeds.

The 5G technology that is currently available typically still needs a 4G network to connect, hence it is not independent. Because of this, this is known as 5G non-standalone (5G NSA). Only with separate networks, improved transmission tower technology, and compatible devices will 5G’s full potential be realised.

It is fantastic news for Pakistan to enter a new technological era in which mobile phone providers will also introduce devices incapable of supporting 5G. The development of technology and its application in Pakistan would increase the success of the nation on the international market.

Although 5G technology has not yet reached Pakistani markets, it will gain an advantage if devices with 5G connectivity are made available there. This technology will make it convenient to use a high-speed internet connection and to download files quickly.

With a 10 gigabit per second download speed, 5G internet is up to 100 times faster than 4G. The high degree of performance required for a society that is becoming more connected may be delivered by this 5G network. According to the internet provider you are using, there may be connectivity requirements.

Because mobile manufacturers are also striving to create smartphones with the feature to use 5G connectivity speed, the 5G network in Pakistan will soon catch up. Since Apple and Samsung have already produced smartphones with a support for 5G technology, their importation is growing.

Advantages of 5G Network in Pakistan 

With the development of 5G networks, mobile broadband will see increased speed, offer ultra-high-definition graphics for both gaming and watching films, and most importantly, better RAM use. According to experts, the fifth generation of wireless technology will improve connection within the healthcare industry. 

Greater internet speed, nearly ten times quicker than what we currently experience on 4G networks, will be offered by 5G networks in Pakistan. We’ve learned a lot from the coronavirus pandemic about online connectivity and how to go about our daily lives without ever leaving our houses. After 5G is introduced in Pakistan, industries including e-healthcare, online education, and digital companies would reap the benefits.

A public-private collaboration is being used to construct the infrastructure for 5G broadband internet. Three data centres have recently been established in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad for cloud computing, testing, and 5G trials. These digital facilities are currently under the management of some of the most well-known privately-owned telecommunications businesses in the nation.

The capacity to process data more quickly will also improve healthcare from a knowledge-sharing and global resource perspective. Business will change as a result of 5G because of increased innovation and product development.                

Education is now delivered remotely thanks to contemporary technology and a quick internet connection. People who live in remote places will benefit from 5G. Fast connectivity would make video lectures and animations online. The medical industry will undergo a revolution thanks to 5G.

Through quick connectivity, doctors from major cities would be able to diagnose patients online. 

The second-highest number of freelancers are located in Pakistan. Online service providers from Pakistan are generating foreign currency for their nation. 10,000 Pakistanis enter the worldwide freelance market each year. They will be able to deliver services more quickly thanks to 5G technology.

The e-commerce market also has a lot of promise, and the industry is expanding quickly globally. Pakistan may export its goods via e-commerce to the rest of the globe thanks to connectivity, which will help the nation’s economy.


Pakistan intends to sell spectrum for 5G in the fiscal year 2022–2023, according to the annual report issued by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) at the conclusion of 2020.

The country is also developing a thorough plan for the upcoming mobile infrastructure. According to experts, it will take five to seven years for Pakistan to fully adopt 5G networks. 5G services are currently only being tested in limited, non-commercial settings.

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