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All You Need to Know About Lakeshore City


A peaceful and safe community with a stunning view of Khanpur Dam is Lakeshore City Khanpur. This project combines cultural heritage, modern infrastructure, and refined beauty uniquely. 

Al-Sadat Group is a real estate company that has ventured into the building and development sector with its project, Lakeshore City Khanpur. This expansive project includes three distinct categories: smaller plots, farmhouses, and a clubhouse, including high-end residential amenities. 

A lavish lifestyle amidst the magnificent landscape of Khanpur Dam and unmatched amenities can be found in Lakeshore City. The Margalla Hills are home to the society, which provides a fantastic environment to live in. It is the first community of its kind in Khanpur, near Islamabad, and it captures the views from the Khanpur shoreline.

Location of Lakeshore City

Lakeshore City is situated on the main GT Road Jabbri. Its location near the Khanpur Dam gives the locals a view of the natural body of water. This new home project in Khanpur is close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

It is situated next to Khanpur Dam, which provides a fantastic view of the surrounding area. As a result, it is now the top choice for those who wish to see Punjab’s and KPK’s tourist attractions.

Surrounding Attractions of Lakeshore City:

Access Points:

  • Phase 2 of Faisal Town
  • Five minutes away is Thalian Interchange.
  • 7 minutes away is the M2 motorway.
  • About ten minutes away is Rawalpindi Ring Road.
  • 27 minutes to the New Islamabad International Airport.
  • It takes 32 minutes to go to GT Road.

Owners and Developers of Lakeshore City

Al Sadat Group, a well-known and established player in Pakistan’s real estate industry, is the developer of the esteemed housing project Lakeshore City Khanpur and Syed Sadat Hussain Shah is the owner of Lakeshore city. They established a premium society near Khapur Dam’s coastline to introduce an unparalleled lifestyle to Pakistan. Al Sadat Group was founded in Karachi in 1975, and in 1980, it began operating as a wholesale and import company.

Lakeshore City Master Plan

An expert team of architects used their skills to create the master plan for Lakeshore City Khanpur. They have created a fantastic layout plan with large roadways and easy-to-access locations. 

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The many site classifications in the lovely surrounds of Khanpur Dam make up the layout plan for this planned home project. Clients can also enjoy contemporary, eco-friendly features and services in this residential community. 

Lakeshore City Blocks

Lakeshore Residencia 

Discover Lakeshore Residencia, the pinnacle of contemporary living, where you may realize your dream house without worrying about significant initial expenditures.

With our adaptable and reasonably priced installment plans, we provide a unique chance to live a comfortable and convenient life.

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Plot Sizes:

Select the size that corresponds to your dreams:

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  •  1 Kanal

Lakeshore Club

At the unmatched sanctuary that is Lakeshore Club, set out on an adventure of transformation. This elite Lakeshore City club fosters harmony, a feeling of community, and the making of priceless family memories. 

However, lakeshore Club is proud to have been the first in Pakistan to provide facilities and 50+ amenities, offering a unique fusion of luxury and a sense of belonging.

Lakeshore Farms

Explore the charm of rural life at Lakeshore Farm, where peaceful surroundings and farmhouses coexist in an atmosphere of balance that invites both adventuring and relaxation. 

Situated in the heart of nature, Lakeshore Farm expands what it means to be at home by providing a getaway that strikes a balance between excitement and luxury in the middle of breathtaking scenery.

Sizes of Farms:

Select the size that corresponds to your dreams:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Lakeshore City’s NOC Status 

More details regarding Lakeshore City’s NOC status are required. It is assumed in this project that approval of a legal existence is needed. This is a new housing project that, upon submission of necessary documentation to the Rawalpindi Development Authority, will become a society certified by the NOC. 

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The RDA will approve this housing project soon. It is thus suggested that all real estate buyers book a property in this project, as rates are subject to change following acceptance by the NOC.

Why Is Lakeshore City an Attraction for Tourists?

Pakistan’s lakes and mountains combine to provide a captivating tourist attraction that harmoniously combines natural wonders, recreational activities, and cultural diversity. Above all, it’s a place that fulfills the wanderlust of nature lovers and offers those looking for something special and captivating an unforgettable and comprehensive adventure.

Adventure seekers can have an adventure in the lakes and mountains. Also, tourists can enjoy exhilarating memories in the breathtaking environment by participating in endeavors like paragliding, boating, trekking, and hiking.

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A vast array of opulent resorts, hotels, and other facilities can be found in Lakeshore City, offering guests luxurious lodging, excellent cuisine, and contemporary amenities. In order to enhance their vacation experience, visitors can also visit historical landmarks, monasteries, and old temples.

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So, this special place attracts a wide range of tourists who are searching for thrilling and illuminating encounters.

Near Lakeshore City, there are several noteworthy historical sites, including Buddhist landmarks like 

  • Jaulian Monastery
  • Gurdwara Panja Sahib
  •  Mohra Moradu Stupa
  •  Dharmarajika Stupa
  • Bhamala Stupa

Advantages of Investment In Lakeshore City  

Purchasing real estate in Lakeshore City has several advantages. To reap incredible rewards, you can invest in property within your price range. As a result, you must be aware of the advantages that potential customers may have. 

Superior Return on Investment

Investors can get the highest return on their investment from the offered plots in this project. In order to make a significant profit in a matter of months, you can buy commercial and residential buildings at pre-launch prices.

Possession of Money

For every buyer, the plots in this brand-new residential community are a wonderful guarantee of monetary safety. By investing in commercial and residential plots, buyers can become self-sufficient, so thanks to the value of the property.

Income from Passive

The most significant way to earn passive money is to have access to plots in several classifications. To generate passive income, you can effortlessly lease out the property you purchased to tenants. Additionally, real estate properties’ revenue from rentals grew by a minimum of 10% annually.

Important Resource

In this time of economic difficulty, the many plot types in this magnificent housing society have become invaluable resources for clients seeking financial stability. As a result, you may handle the economic problems by owning a beloved home.


In summary, Lakeshore City Khanpur is a superb housing society created to satisfy the demands of those seeking an opulent and cozy living. For this reason, the project is a desirable location for travelers and buyers alike since it provides a distinctive blend of contemporary infrastructure, historical significance, and stunning scenery. 

Lakeshore City is conveniently located close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and it provides a stunning view of the Khanpur Dam. So, the project is a good investment because of its master plan, different classifications, and reasonable installment plans. In addition, the project’s value is anticipated to rise with the anticipated receipt of NOC status, making it a prudent option for real estate investors.


Q1. What is Khanpur’s Lakeshore City?

Lakeshore City is a new residential development on the main G.T. Road in Jabbri, located in the lovely Khanpur Dam neighborhood.

Q2. This housing society is whose project is it?

The Al Sadat Group is the one who owns and develops this society; it is their project.

Q3. What is the most recent update on Lakeshore City Khanpur’s development?

Although the development has not yet begun, it is anticipated to do so following Lakeshore City’s official opening.

Q4. What are the available plot sizes in Khanpur’s Lakeshore City?

In Lakeshore City, the following plot sizes are available:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal 

Although the legal status of Lakeshore City is uncertain, you can verify it by getting in touch with the management.

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