Apple’s AI Features in iOS 18 May Not Come to EU at Launch

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Apple’s major AI feature unveiling at WWDC last week may have caused problems in Europe. Law concerns are causing businesses to reconsider deploying “Apple Intelligence” in the European Union. 

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Apple claims that the Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the EU may force them to lower the level of security in their goods and services. This will impact SharePlay Screen Sharing, iPhone Mirroring, Apple Intelligence, and other functions. Therefore, European users may not initially be able to access these functionalities. 

Apple has not specifically stated how these functions would violate EU regulations. If the rollout in Europe is delayed, though, millions of users won’t receive access to these new capabilities immediately. 

However, there is some positive news. Apple wants to collaborate with the European Commission to find a solution and hasn’t made up its mind yet. Thus, users in the EU may still be able to access these functionalities in the future.

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