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Benefits of Buying a Corner Plot in Pakistan in 2023

Introduction to Corner Plots

Buying a house is a tough financial decision and requires careful planning. Especially if you have no experience in the real estate market, you should be extra vigilant before investing. 

Location is the first and foremost factor to consider before buying real estate. Whether you are buying a house or a commercial or residential plot, it is vital to consider the property’s location. The location of a plot determines its property value. 

Check for the accessibility points and nearby landmarks. Closely inspect the traffic flow and access to the main road. If your plot is at a good location, the market value of it is increased to manifolds. 

A corner plot is a property located at the corner of a road, street, or block. These plots generally are of high importance and are very expensive. Corner plots have high market value, and their importance cannot be denied. 

Benefits of Corner Plots 

Corner plots have many advantages. These are as follows : 

Natural Light and Proper Ventilation 

Corner plots are generally isolated at one side and are not surrounded by other houses or buildings on all sides. This serves as an advantage and results in better sunlight in the house. Ventilation will also be much better in the homes built on corner plots. 

The sunlight coming through the windows and ventilators makes the room look brighter. The proper ventilation in the house helps to maintain airflow and prevent moisture in the house.

Ease of Access 

You can easily approach and access the exterior spaces because the house is situated on the corner of the block or road. The corner houses’ owners may readily access the utilities outdoors due to their location at the intersection of two streets. 

Additionally, it becomes simple for outsiders to find and approach the house. For the resident of the corner house, ordering anything for the delivery, requesting a taxi, and using many other services has been quite simple.

Entrance on Both Sides 

You can have doors to enter and exit the house on each side, which is another very fantastic benefit of living in a corner property. Who won’t go for multiple entrances on either side of a house if there is an option? The doors on either side will be useful because you may enter or exit directly to the backyard, designating one for resting and the other for entry or exit. This was a list of all the benefits that come with a corner home. 

Extra Space 

Another benefit of corner plots is that it gives you extra space. Corner plots give your kids extra space to set up a lawn. Corner plots also give you extra parking space. You can avail the extra space for two parking areas, yards, lawn, or two entrances. These qualities increase the resale value of the plot or property. 

The extra space also gives you the benefit of making changes to the house according to your priorities. The extra space can give you the advantage of planting trees and increasing the scenic beauty of your home. 

Better View 

One of the best things a corner plot or house offers is a beautiful view, especially from the balcony and terrace. The corner house has a fantastic exterior view of the street intersection, street lights, and natural light from the sun throughout the day. So instead of the residents of the houses not having a great view of the sun, corner house residents can experience far better settings and views. 

Increased House Value 

Investing in corner plots is a good option if you want to earn a profit through real estate investments. Corner plots will always have high market and resale value because of their many advantages. 

Corner plots are a luxury, basically, and are in high demand in the market. To buy a corner plot, you are also required to pay extra charges because of the property’s added value. Corner plots offer a high return on investment, therefore, are a safe investment option. 

More Customization Options 

Corner plots give you the opportunity to customize your homes according to your priority. Only those on corner lots can benefit from far more freedom in home design. This is due to the fact that they have more room and freedom to explore their original house design concepts.

The ordinary house design might not function as well for numerous homes on the same street as it does for the corner plot. Due to the variety of design alternatives, everyone who enjoys a distinctive way of life and desires their home to stand out in the neighborhood can search for a corner plot.

However, the house design must be approved first by the concerned authorities before starting the construction process. 

Easier Access to Amenities 

A home on a corner lot can be your best option if you want quick access to facilities like parks and swimming pools. Because corner lot homes are typically close by rather than far away from everything else nearby, you will have easy access to these attractions.

The majority of corner lot owners have quick access to major highways and roads that will take them wherever in the neighborhood.

Offers Extra Privacy 

One advantage of buying a home on a corner property is the ability to enjoy extra seclusion and privacy. This is primarily a result of their neighbors being farther away or having an additional fence to keep them from seeing what you’re doing in your yard. Your family will have greater privacy if there are fewer neighbors.

Another benefit is having two entrances—one for cars and another if preferred- for walkers. Having two entrances is an excellent idea if you frequently receive deliveries or have friends around.

FAQs about Corner Plots 

Q: Are corner plots good?

A: Corner plots are very much in demand in Pakistan, which is why they are expensive. Corner plots are a good investment opportunity due to their many benefits. They give you extra space and the freedom to extend your home area as per your desires. 

Q: Does a corner plot increases the property value?

A: Yes, a corner plot increases the property’s value to manifolds. The location of a property determines its demand and supply in the market. A lot of benefits are associated with corner plots, which is why they have a high market value. 

Hence, corner plots hold very high importance and are sold at much higher rates as compared to other plots. 

Q: Why are corner plots expensive?

A: The location of corner plots gives them an edge over other plots and also increases their value. Due to high demand and added benefits, corner plots are sold at high prices. 


Corner plots add an extra 10% to 20% value to your home. They are more spacious and give you extra room for parking, yard space, and privacy.  

Believe it or not, the location of a plot is the single most important factor that can level up the game of its market value. Corner plots are the most desirable real estate property due to the benefits that they enjoy. 

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