Best Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids in 2022

Summers in several Pakistani cities may be extremely difficult for residents due to the high temperatures, which range from 35 to 45 degrees. People who work in the field or perform chores away from their homes or workplaces can identify with the level of tiredness one experiences.

These days, it seems impractical to live without an air conditioner or a water cooler since the heat is intolerable. Even though we have no control over the weather outside our homes or places of business, we may arrange some enjoyable activities with our friends and family to beat the heat.

Everybody needs a break from their routine because otherwise it becomes too exhausting and even starts to affect their productivity. The greatest time to organize a weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation with your family if you have one is during the summer. Here are some activities that you can organize with your family or friends to beat Pakistan’s summer heat while still having fun.

Pool party

The ideal time of year to go swimming is during the summer, and you can spice things up by inviting your buddies along. If you invite some friends or your cousins, pool parties can be enjoyable occasions where you can play games, swim all day, and entirely forget about your other concerns.

 If you own a pool, you are already familiar with the type of enjoyment we are referring to, but not everyone has access to a home pool. People hire out farmhouses and arrange full-day picnics there with food, water slides, and other amenities.

Modern concepts include farm buildings and swimming pools, but if you travel a few hundred kilometers to the countryside, you will find tube wells that draw cold water from the earth’s interior. The king of fruits, the mango, also comes to us in the sweltering heat of summer. You must go to that party if you ever get the chance since it is almost a rite for the villagers to bring mangoes to a pool party where they will swim and eat mangoes all day long.

A trip to northern areas

If you have never traveled to Pakistan’s northern regions, you are missing out on some of the most breathtaking landscapes and valleys in the world. North Pakistan attracts visitors from all over the nation and the world who come to see the green mountains, snow-capped mountains, lakes, tribes, and meadows. We bet you won’t be able to resist visiting there each year.

For breathtaking scenery, calm, and tranquilly, you can travel to places like Naran, Kaghan, Hunza, Gilgit, and Kalash Valley. However, you can also go to local festivals like Shandoor, Chillimjusht, Uchao Utchal, and Silk Route Festival among many more.

Full day picnic

Planning an outside activity in the sweltering heat may seem impossible given the high temperatures, but if there are lots of trees nearby or the view is lovely, you won’t regret coming outside. Your vitality will be renewed by going on an outing with your entire family and possibly even some pals.

Depending on where you go for your picnic, there are a variety of things you can do. For instance, if you’re traveling to the Khanpur Dam from Lahore, Islamabad, or the area around it, you may take a quick road journey and engage in activities like cliff diving, parasailing, and jet skiing.

Make refreshing summer drinks

Fizzy drinks are among the several summertime beverages that are highly popular. Falsa sherbat, sattu, and imli aloo bukhara are just a few of the typical summer beverages you may purchase in Pakistan on any given street or road. However, you can use our guide to seasonal summer drinks if you’re seeking readily accessible seasonal drinks.

Go for a hike early in the morning

Instead of spending the entire day in bed, exploring and trekking in Pakistan’s lush mountains might help one emotionally unwind and get some exercise in an enjoyable way. Hiking during the day is not possible due to high temperature but you can do it early in the morning. This will give you a chance to not only inhale the fresh breezy morning air, you can also witness a beautiful sunrise from the top.

Family-friendly Margalla Hills Trails 3, 5, and 6 offer a variety of beautiful picnic locations. The Deosai National Park is also awash with color, and trekking there is incredibly healing and calming.

Apart from the above mentioned activities, here are some fun ideas for you to make the most out of the summer season:

  • Catch fish. Whether you prefer lake fishing or fly fishing, this pastime is a fantastic way to fully appreciate nature throughout the summer.
  • Visit a local water park or amusement park. Scream and giggle alongside the children.
  • Go to a national landmark. Enjoy and value the heritage of your neighborhood.
  • Ride a kite. Pick a day when there is some breeze to fly your kite through the air.
  • Visit the botanical gardens in your area. There is no better time to visit than when the trees and flowers are in bloom.
  • Take a stroll in the morning.
  • Visit a nearby river to go rafting or water tubing.
  • You may pamper yourself at home without spending a day at a genuine spa; all it takes is a little time in your own bathroom.
  • Break some fun ingredients and make your own popsicle. There isn’t much you’ll need to make your own delicious popsicles; you only need fruit juice, fresh fruit, and a mold.
  • If you have a hammock of your own, hang it in your yard or at a nearby park, grab a good summer book, and spend a few hours swinging while reading.


You can be quite carefree during the summer and enjoy it to the utmost. Summer is a terrific time to explore, travel, and discover new things. There are many things that this season has to offer, from donning the attire of your choice to taking advantage of the long days and short nights. Traveling is frequent at this time of year because so many individuals, particularly the family’s children, are on summer vacation.

Summer vacation always offers a variety of enjoyable activities. Sometimes all it takes to spark our imaginations is a little encouragement or a gentle reminder. We supposedly get into a rut and forget that there is entertainment available in practically every direction.

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