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Blue World City Plot Possession


A joint initiative between China and Pakistan is called Blue World City. A Blue Group of Companies initiative, it. The project’s main focus is on ensuring that those who reside in Pakistan and abroad have a high standard of living.

The housing development is founded on the idea of creating inclusive, sustainable cities and communities. It is a twin city development initiative in the future. New International Airport is also close to the project’s ideal site. It takes approximately 5-7 minutes to get there.

About Blue Group of Companies

The Lahore branch of the Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989. The business initially operated as a building firm. The BGC offered architectural and construction planning services. Their brand name has been cultivated thanks to their diligent efforts and creative contributions. It ranks among Pakistan’s finest real estate firms.

The biggest workforce in Pakistan is currently being led by the real estate tycoon. The experts in each field are working day and night in their respective fields to introduce forward-thinking innovations to the real estate industry. The business can accommodate a workforce of up to 300 people.

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The business now specialises in construction, real estate marketing, commercial printing, building 3D models and IT assistance. This expert in real estate has more than ten years of expertise.

Prime Location

The site of the Blue World Society in Islamabad is 5 minutes away from the New International Airport in Islamabad. It is close to the Chakri Interchange on the M2 between Islamabad and Lahore.

The Blue World City Housing Society is surrounded by Mumtaz City, Top City, and Argo Farms. According to the Blue World City map, the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are 10 minutes distant from the society.

Blue World City Balloting

It is referred to as giving the plot numbers in real estate. Potential purchasers of the specific real estate endeavour are given plot numbers. The balloting for a specified property plan is a draw between the applicants of plots and plot files.

There are two types of balloting:

Booking Ballot: Participants in the booking procedure are the applicants who are eager in booking the plots. The reservations are then made available to the person through a voting process called a “booking ballot.” It enables them to protect their property.

Plot Ballot: The transaction takes place between the purchasing body and the buyers. Buyers who have paid off all of their debts are eligible to vote. According to the outcomes of the voting, the plots are given to the proprietors.

All housing societies currently follow the standard pattern of using computers for voting. The computer programme enables numbers to be entered for each entry. It’s also referred to as “e-balloting.” One of the most precise methods for assigning people their plot numbers is through e-balloting. Additionally, a chart with plot numbers is provided later.

Plot Possession at Blue World City

Blue World City finally made the balloting of plots official after a lengthy wait. The general block ballot plots are expected in September 2020. For those who had been waiting for the possession of the plots for more than a year, the latest news of ballots has been a source of relief. At first, it was reported that the election would take place in January 2020, but this is false.

The general plot ballot will be verified in September 2020, and this year’s general plot recipients will receive their plots in December. Investors and buyers who have 90% or more of their installments paid up until August 2020 are qualified to vote.

The balloting of plots will take place using the electronic balloting method. The e-balloting software streamlines and makes the process visible. Anyone who does not pay their outstanding debts will not be given the property. Only those who have completed all of their payments and business obligations are eligible to vote.

All plot owners will receive papers shortly after the voting and possession.

In December 2020, the owners will have complete ownership of the plot. The person can take pride in owning their property and make plans to construct homes. The moment they have been waiting for has come!

If You Have Not Booked Yet, What to Do?

Do not hesitate to contact Sky Marketing and learn more about their housing initiative there. Blue World City’s formal sales and marketing partner is Sky Marketing.

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Additionally, Sky Marketing is currently discounting block areas in Blue World City General by 22%. There is a time restriction on the offer. Book now, pay the remaining 90% by August 2020, and join the September 2020 election. Possessions are guaranteed through December 2020.

How can you book plot at Blue World City?

To book your plot in Blue World City, you can visit the Sky Marketing Office with the following documents:

  • Two passport size Pictures
  • Two copies of your national ID card
  • Two copies of ID card of your next of Kin

Many projects give installments, but it depends on how their investment plan relates to your comfort. The BGC company always aims to make their clients’ lives easier. Blue World City enables us to pay off the expenditure over the course of three and four installments.

Project Details

The society’s boundaries extend to 5000 Kanals. The space is split up into four phases, which are then separated into blocks and plots.

There are five household plots: five marlas, eight marlas, ten marlas, one kanal, and two kanals.

The business plots are 5 marla and 8 marla in size.

The organisation provides a simple, three- to four-year installment plan. 10% is required as a down payment at the time of booking, but if you want to take advantage of the deal in 2020, pay off 90% of your obligations first. Then, you can participate in the September 2020 plot balloting.

Visit our website SkyMarketing for the most recent Blue Town Sapphire Lahore payment schedule.

Blue World City and the Role of China

The Blue World City Housing Scheme is being developed by an organisation in China. The objective is to achieve the international development standard. The society offers top-notch facilities and features. It is an environmentally beneficial and self-sustaining housing programme.

Blue World City has included all the fundamental and cutting-edge requirements in its proposal because the basic amenities are a necessity for living. Commercial spaces, the healthcare industry, educational facilities, the transportation system, and many other facilities are among these. The partnership has brought wonderful new elements of futuristic development into reality.

The exotic architecture and contemporary way of life entice foreigners to purchase property in Blue World City. Developers and investors are providing you with a one-of-a-kind living area. It exists in its own universe.

The Blue World Housing Society is close to the eastern path of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It has the benefit of being a regional trade hub thanks to its advantageous position. The CPEC project, the Blue World City partnership, and numerous other Chinese initiatives sum up Pakistan and China’s close ties.

The Features of Blue World City

Water, gas, and energy are all provided by built-in generators in society. To aid the locals and community, it also has a water filtration system. Commercial Hub: The society is near to the CPEC’s eastern route, making it the area’s second-largest centre for land-based commerce. Gated Community: A gated community is the safest option for ensuring the inhabitants’ security. Thus, to ensure the safety of life, property, and valuables, high walls are constructed around the blocks and the general area of society.

24/7 Security: In addition to the concept of a gated community, security cameras are also set up to watch every action made in the community. Transportation: The mega project includes a network of roadways and transportation. Water Filtration Plan: It is made sure that everyone in the community has access to secure and hygienic drinking water. Sports and Cultural Complex: In order for people to leave their homes and live healthy lives, society also contains a sports and cultural complex. The cultural complex enables the establishment of networks for the business community and others.

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Police Station: In the event that you encounter an unusual incident, the police station’s services are also accessible at your doorstep. Environment that is Calm and Peaceful: The Blue World City housing society also has a calm and serene environment. The leisure component is not overlooked; Blue World City will have a 3D I-Max Cinema where you can enjoy your favourite films with your family.


Modification and innovation are the two primary pillars of Blue Word City, a housing society from the modern era. The traits that have allowed this project to stick out in the real estate industry are the global standards of living and contemporary housing society practises. A megaproject in and of itself is Blue World City. We are hopeful that this most recent news of the announcement of balloting and possession of the plots will put an end to these rumours. The housing scheme has battled numerous rumors, but the confidence of the investors and the potential of this mega housing venture make it a worthy & secure housing project, stronger than before

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