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CAA to Hire Private Firm to Manage Islamabad International Airport

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ISLAMABAD, October 02 , 2022- The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has chosen to work with a private company to administer and maintain Islamabad International Airport.

The CAA has chosen to contract with a private company to manage and maintain Islamabad International Airport. The decision was made as a result of a shortage of 100 workers during the previous two years, which led to a request to the relevant authorities to close the labour gap since it was generating hygienic problems. Once a selection has been made, the IIA authorities will begin the official recruiting process for a qualified company to handle the cleaning and maintenance work. The company will be in charge of managing its own employees, and subject to satisfactory performance, their contracts will be renewed on a regular basis. Cleaning-related problems have started to surface as a result of the new policy enabling visitors to travel with passengers and the lack of new hiring. Hiring a maintenance company is anticipated to resolve issues.

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