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Islamabad: According to a news source, on February 27, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) approved the digitization of parking spaces in the city, which will improve traffic management and the local economy. The specifics state that on Monday, the CDA Board gave its approval to a plan to digitize parking facilities all around Islamabad.

This program is especially targeted at business districts, where parking problems frequently cause traffic bottlenecks. Parking lots in Islamabad will be modernized with the newest machinery and management systems in accordance with a contract with M/S AJCL. Automated and intelligent parking technologies have been implemented to improve efficiency.

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At the CDA Board’s 9th meeting on October 5, 2023, the decision to digitize parking was made. An agreement was subsequently signed to finalize the decision. In a transparent bidding process, M/S AJCL came out on top, providing the CDA a revenue share of 75% while keeping 25% for themselves.

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