investigation of fake plot allotment in cda

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The Establishment Division is investigating several officials from various agencies for possible involvement in a land plot scam that has put the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in the public eye.

Sidra Anwar, a former Director of Land CDA and Grade 18 official of the Pakistan Administrative Service is the subject of a probe being conducted by the Establishment Division. Ms. Anwar is being investigated in relation to claims that the CDA contained fictitious plot assignments.

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The investigating officer has called in Abdul Rehman and Jamshed Khan, the former CDA Land Department dealing assistants, to help with the investigation. They have been instructed to present the pertinent paperwork and appear before the inquiry committee on March 27.

A significant controversy that shook the CDA last year was the purported misallocation of plots valued at an estimated Rs. 69 billion. Sidra Anwar, who was working as the Director of Land at the time, was consequently fired. In light of these disclosures, the CDA has since asked the Establishment Division to look into the officer’s actions.

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Afnan Alam, a former member estate, was arrested by the FIA after the court revoked his bail. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is looking into the purportedly fictitious scheme allocations at the same time.  

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