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CDA’s Intensive Operation Against Illegal Constructions

ISLAMABAD, August 06, 2022- CDA has conducted an intensive operation against illegal constructions in Islamabad with the assistance of the district administration and the Islamabad Police.

With the aid of heavy equipment, encroachments and other illegal projects were destroyed at the command of CDA. During the last three days of operation, a vast land in the Sangjani neighborhood of Islamabad was given away, and more than 600 kanals of government land were destroyed with the aid of heavy machinery. Additionally, the enforcement division has taken stern action against the unauthorized residents of the Orchard Scheme on Murree Road who were infringing on the public property designated for an agro-farm and which was granted by CDA. A massive operation was carried out against encroachments on both sides of the Islamabad Expressway. This operation resulted in the destruction of 60 unauthorized stalls and the seizure of five trucks filled with the merchandise of encroachers. The traffic flow was being impeded by these encroachments, it should be underlined. Following the procedure, these passages were made accessible to vehicles.

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