CDA Simplified The Property Transfer Process in Islamabad

ParagraphTo legally own property, regardless of whether you purchase a plot, apartment, building that is still under construction, or a finished home, you must get it transferred into your name. There are a few procedures you must take in order to complete the property transfer process in Islamabad, just like in other big cities and well-planned communities around the country.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) guidelines state that this may need the submission of some significant documents, which can be used as evidence of your ownership of the property and which must only be attested to and stamped by designated authorized officials.

Therefore, we can help if you recently invested in real estate in Islamabad and want it to be transferred into your name. We’re going to walk you through the process of transferring property in Islamabad step by step in this blog.

Procedure for transfer of property in Islamabad

Here, we have put together a comprehensive step-by-step procedure on how to transfer property in Islamabad, which will provide you with all the knowledge you need. For instance, information on Islamabad’s property transfer charge as well as other paperwork and attestations needed for the process.

Application for transfer of property

The “Property Transfer Application” is the first step in Islamabad’s property transfer process. It takes the form of a letter or application addressed to the Director (Land & Estate) and requests the transfer of the owner’s share and interest in the house, plot, or flat in his or her own name or the transferee’s favor. It must be completed by both parties and attested by a magistrate or first-class government official.

Documents required for transfer of property in Islamabad

The following list of required documents and when they must be submitted is what we will cover next in our tutorial on how to transfer property ownership in Islamabad:

  • Original transferor allotment letter.
  • A copy of each party’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), including the attesting officer, attorney, and transferee.
  • A minimum of three examples of the transferor’s and the attorney’s thumbprints.
  • Recent photos of both parties, the size of a passport.
  • A judicially stamped indemnification bond that must be recorded by a notary public and attested to or countersigned by a first-class official of the government or a magistrate. Owners’ property rights are protected from all types of legal challenges by a No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the Board of Revenue (BOR).
  • Special power of attorney attested by the High Commission.

Role of officials in the transfer of property ownership in Pakistan

  • Despite the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) confirmation of the transaction letter and the affidavit certifying the transferor’s life and mental health, the presence of an attorney is required. Obtaining the attorney’s NOC and clearance from the loan-giving companies is also a must.
  • If the transferor is overseas, a representative (consulate) will act. It is necessary to submit the official documents, including passports, CNICs, and certificates of residency, that attest to the transferor’s absence from the nation.
  • For each witness, copies of their CNICs or Smart Cards will also be needed.

Modifications by CDA in the property transfer procedure

A new and enhanced procedure for property transfer has been developed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). It was done primarily to combat fraud and make the procedure simpler for the general public. The authority has implemented updated processes to streamline the property transfer process for this reason.

Modifications to the following processes are part of the CDA property transfer process:

  • No Objection Certificates (NOCs)
  • No Demand Certificates (NDCS)
  • Transfer of Property to Legal Heirs
  • Building Safety Certificate


Additionally, the CDA has instructed the organizations under its control to eliminate all extra procedures from the property transfer process. The authority further instructed them to enhance the handling of property-related disputes.

Initial Estate Management-I (EM-I) transfer letter printing was done at a single location. which states that beginning on August 1st, the Assistant Director (Admitting) at the One-Window Operation Directorate (OWO) will take a printout of the transfer letter after the case has been admitted, sign, stamp, and emboss it, and then give it to the transferee that same day.

Certain measures have been taken by CDA to simplify the process of property transfer. These measures are as follows:

Inheritance property NOCs

  • After compliance with legal standards, property transfers to the lawful heirs will only need an undertaking as of August 1, 2022.
  • Following the completion of the transfer process, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) will request an agreement from the legitimate heirs of the land to remove any illegal buildings.
  • Estate Affectees, Estate Management-1, and Estate Management-2 are in charge of handing off matters to the Building Control Directorate (BCD) in order to obtain reports in the event of an application. The application will be examined by BCD in light of 2020 infringement laws.

As a result, if infractions are discovered, the legal heirs will need to provide the CDA with an affidavit guaranteeing that the violators would be expelled within six months. The possession, however, wouldn’t be given to the legitimate heirs until the Building Control Regulations 2020 infractions were resolved.

The EM-I, EM-II, and the Estate Affectees Section shall also transmit the case for getting a report from the Building Control Directorate to evaluate whether Building Control Regulations have been broken after receiving an application or legal papers for legal heirship.

No-Demand Certificates

  • No-demand certificates can now be issued in a minimum of 4 days. Both Estate Management -1 and -2 will obediently adhere to this schedule.
  • If the application is rejected, the applicant will be informed of the shortcomings or reasons why the NDC was not issued

Transfer letters

  • Beginning August 1, 2022, Estate Management-1 will follow a straightforward two-step process to produce the property transfer letters.
  • After fulfilling all legal requirements, Assistant Director One-Window Operations Directorate will give the transfer letter to the legal heirs if it is accepted.

A contract between the Capital Development Authority and NADRA has also been signed in order to streamline and secure the property transfer procedure.

The new set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) aims to streamline the procedure and finish it in less than 20 days. Contact the Capital Development Authority for further details on how to transfer property in Islamabad.

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