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CDA to Construct New Road to Improve Diplomatic Enclave’s Security

Announcement of CDA to construct a new road

ISLAMABAD, September 28, 2022- Capital Development Authority has announced the construction of a new road to improve diplomatic enclave’s security.

In an effort to increase the security of embassies and consulates, CDA has proposed to construct a road between the Diplomatic Enclave and its extension. As part of the project, the CDA will link the two Diplomatic Enclaves, reducing travel time and substituting a new, 3-kilometer-long road for the old one. Additionally, the route will avoid 3rd Avenue, a popular thoroughfare for both locals and tourists. Additionally, it was noted that commuters on 3rd Avenue would have a different route to take to get to Bari Imam and the locations of the universities and colleges.The new project will enhance diplomatic security, limit access to key areas of the city, and aid in the relocation of diplomatic missions currently operating in civilian neighborhoods. It is crucial to recognize that the Diplomatic Enclave, where foreign embassies are located in Islamabad, is an important area. The area has been designated as sensitive by the government in order to ensure security standards, and access is limited. Many embassies reportedly continue to operate out of residential areas of the city, which presents a security risk that the government is attempting to address.

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