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Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategies for 2023

There are four basic methods for commercial real estate investment strategies: core, core plus, value-added, and opportunistic. These investment techniques are not fundamentally dissimilar from one another because investors always purchase properties intending to make a profit.

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Importantly, however, the ratio of risk to return varies by strategy and is frequently affected by the kind of real estate investment fund.

Commercial real estate can be an effective diversifier for an existing investment portfolio with careful preparation and a well-executed strategy.


This is one of the safest methods for investing in commercial real estate because it entails acquiring and holding first-rate assets that produce consistent income for investors. Generally speaking, it is a low-risk investment strategy that provides a modest rate of return.

Investors’ main objective in this technique is to begin generating revenue without engaging in any remodeling or tenant placement activities.

They search for structures that are already making a consistent profit. Investors must choose their target property, such as apartments, office space, retail establishments, etc. for this strategy to be successful.

Using this tactic, investors seek out class A properties to negotiate a long-term lease with the tenants. Due to their good maintenance, these buildings might not need any more work.

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For individuals who want to maintain their capital and have a steady income flow rather than see a substantial increase in the value of commercial real estate, this form of real estate investment strategy is suitable.

While core may appear to be a less appealing alternative when compared to other investment methods, the risk associated with other investment strategies makes core a preferable commercial real estate investment.

Core Plus 

This is comparable to the fundamental strategy, but it exposes the investor to greater risk. Investors who use the core-plus method purchase and keep an asset that is thought to be popular with the general public.

The building may need some renovations to draw in new tenants, but there is a prospect of receiving returns in the form of value appreciation.

A property investor might increase the earnings from sales owing to property appreciation by adding more facilities and amenities.

Value Added

A regular cash flow is generated by the properties in this commercial real estate investment approach, but investors also make additional upgrades (such as aesthetic renovations) to boost income. These adjustments will raise client satisfaction while lowering the property’s operating expenses.

Investors will then try to sell to profit from the property’s appreciation. Any project with added value will provide a greater rate of return. In contrast to the core and core-plus investing methods, the risk is significantly larger.

The property you are purchasing isn’t operating at its full potential and will need some upgrades to do so, thus the risk is substantially higher. Without making these adjustments, the investor might be unable to carry out their plan of action, which might finally force them to reduce the price at which they sell the property. 

However, because it provides the ideal ratio of risk to return, many investors choose this investing method.


The operator uses the same methodology as in the value-added real estate investment plan, but the opportunistic approach is much riskier. The homes that the investors target need a lot of substantial renovations in order to function at their full potential. Typically, the investor buys land and starts fresh with the construction of the property.

Compared to other strategies, this one is riskier but produces significantly higher cash flow. The investment may enable you to get a greater rate of return through rental revenue and property value growth if the operator can carry out the strategy.

This is one of the most alluring commercial real estate investment options for investors because of the higher rate of return.

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Real estate property kinds should be carefully chosen, keeping current economic trends in mind. The term “property type” refers to the property’s purpose and how it fits into the current economic cycle. Multifamily, industrial, retail, and office are the four primary categories of commercial real estate; each type also has several subtypes with its own specific characteristics.

Real estate is prized by investors for its desirable qualities, such as capital preservation, income production, and inflation hedging. Commercial real estate investing is a wise move during difficult economic times since real estate assets typically have a low or negative correlation with other traditional asset classes.

Investors who are not familiar with the subtleties of commercial real estate investing may find it challenging to make the best choices for their real estate portfolio.

Fundamentals of Commercial Property Investing 

It’s crucial to carefully analyze the property types you invest in, the regions you concentrate on, your risk/return tolerance, and the level of control you desire over your investments when you consider creating a commercial real estate investment portfolio.

Various effects can be had by economic cycles and variables on the various forms of property. As a result of these characteristics, investor mood and favorability may increase, which could lead to further economic change within the property kinds. Diversification among different types of properties can help lower overall risk in a real estate portfolio and improve profits.

Cash Flow 

A cash flow strategy, as the name implies, involves managing your expectations. Asking yourself the following questions can help you decide whether to pursue this type of strategy.

  • Does a smaller monthly cash flow indicate the property is not as good of a deal?
  • Is a property a suitable choice for my portfolio if it has a larger monthly cash flow but also has other risks?

You should keep in mind that each attribute will require a different approach when you respond to these questions. Determine your expectations, manage them, and then decide objectively whether the property will live up to them and help you achieve your financial objectives.


Think about the potential appreciation while you examine commercial properties. The answers to the following questions will help you decide how long you want to keep the property before making the decision to sell.

  • Is there a lot of demand for land or building space in the neighborhood?
  • Are more people relocating to the area (year over year)?
  • Have rental rates risen (or fallen) over time?
  • Are companies swarming to the region?

These kinds of inquiries will help you decide how long you plan to keep a business property in addition to giving you information about the expected growth of your investment.


This technique will work well for you if you have a keen business sense, excellent business acumen, and the ability to thoroughly investigate the industry you are investing in.

Understanding the laws, restrictions, and tax ramifications associated with renting out commercial property would be advantageous, but if you’re ready to study them, you can still employ this tactic. This may be a decent initial plan if you wish to diversify your portfolio.

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