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Lakeshore City is considered the pinnacle of real estate vision, inviting investors to seize an outstanding opportunity designed for discerning minds. This enormous project, which spans 16,000 Kanal, has the valued support of TMA. Hence, it is a safe investment in the rapidly growing national tourism industry. Design and built by the world-famous ASM builders known for their unrelenting dedication to architectural perfection, Lakeshore City represents more than just development—instead, it is bringing a revolution in the luxury lifestyle.

Introducing Lakeshore Residencia:

At Lakeshore Residencia, affordability and modern living blend harmoniously, offering an exceptional opportunity for people to own their dream houses without having to pay huge upfront fees. Lakeshore Residencia transcends conventional real estate paradigms by offering residents easily adjustable and accessible installment plans. These payment plans allow them to live luxurious, convenient, and comfortable lifestyles.

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Location Overview:

Lakeshore Residencia is ideally situated next to Khanpur, providing residents with a peaceful haven in the middle of Lakeshore City’s vibrant life. Located in a prime location, the following comprehensive guide will assist you in navigating to and from Lakeshore Residencia:

Distance from Mabali Island: 

Residents who want to explore the area’s natural beauty will find Lakeshore Residencia easily accessible at just 2.5 kilometers from the scenic Mabali Island.

Close to Islamabad D12: 

Lakeshore Residencia’s residents have quick access to Islamabad’s bustling city center, as the renowned D12 sector is just a 15-minute drive away.

Distance from Faisal Town, Wah Cantt: 

Lakeshore Residencia is in an ideal position for people who commute to Wah Cantt or Faisal Town, as it is only 20 km away.

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Proximity to Rajdani:

Rajdani is about 4 kilometers away from Lakeshore Residencia, giving locals easy access to all the facilities and services they need.

Distance from Multi Garden B12: 

Situated only 13 km away from Lakeshore Residencia, Multi Garden B12 is another well-known region nearby that makes it convenient for locals to commute to and from.

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