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Crackdown of RDA and CDA Against Illegal Housing Schemes

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has control over a number of distinct localities where over 260 private, illegal housing societies are in operation (RDA).

In contravention of the RDA Act, several unauthorized housing associations have emerged. The RDA’s only recourse is to notify the public of these unlawful schemes and to caution them from investing in them.

In the tehsils of Rawalpindi, Murree, Gujar Khan, Taxila, and Kotli Satian, these illegal housing societies are in operation.The RDA has neither accepted the planning approval nor the layout plans of these societies, nor have these societies given up the land needed for the construction of roads, streets, cemeteries, playgrounds, and other essential public amenities.

There are 386 private housing societies operating within the RDA’s purview, of which 66 have approval, 59 are under review, and 261 are wholly illegal.

Additionally, advertising for these unlawful housing societies has been prohibited, and site offices and access gates have been repeatedly destroyed.

The powerful proprietors of these illegal housing societies, however, not only rebuild site offices and entry and exit gates, but also carry on with their unlawful business by promoting their illegal projects in a variety of ways in an effort to attract investors. While the creation of an equal number of illegal societies continues unabatedly, many citizens have relocated to these illegal housing societies.

No one has the guts to put an end to these unlawful housing societies since the most powerful and prominent people run and own them.

Before Saif Anwar Jappa took over as director-general roughly a month ago, the RDA had eight different directors-general over the course of more than three years. If the head of the agency takes action against these societies, he would be replaced.

Tariq Mehmood Murtaza, chairman of the RDA, stated that the civic organization desired methodical action against the 261 unlawful housing societies, for which the RDA required machinery, equipment, and skilled human resources.

Against unlawful housing organizations, he declared, the RDA was absolutely committed to taking comprehensive action. “At the moment, housing societies that are under investigation have their bylaws implemented.

14 illegal housing developments received notifications from the RDA in the meantime.

Several illegal housing projects have received notices from the RDA, according to a spokesperson for the agency, including Tab City Housing Scheme, Turkish Smart City Housing Scheme, Al-Rehmat Housing Scheme, Nishan-e-Mustafa Housing Scheme, Ample Living Housing Scheme, and The Countryside Farms Housing Scheme at Mouza Baga Sheikhan Chak Beli Khan Road, Pine Green Housing Scheme, New Murree Township Housing Scheme, Hope City Housing Scheme, Bunyad Housing Scheme, and

He claimed that three housing schemes, Turkish Smart City, Ample Living, and The Countryside Housing Scheme, have had First Information Reports (FIRs) filed against them by the RDA.

He said that the promoters and owners of these shady housing projects were deceiving the public through their advertising.

Since a few months ago, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has been working to reduce the growing number of phony housing societies under its purview. Various actions, such as shutting the site offices of illegal housing projects, were taken in the past. Additionally, RDA alerts the public to illegal housing societies and cautions them against funding such ventures.

However, the RDA has prohibited the illegal societies from running advertisements on television and other digital platforms unless they have a valid No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant government. Regarding this, the MP and TE (Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering) Directorate of the Rawalpindi Development Authority has already filed police reports against seven illegal housing schemes that are present on the city’s property. Before running advertisements or commencing to sell plots, these organisations were instructed to get the NOC.

Additionally, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will help the RDA identify the housing societies that are exploiting social media and other digital platforms for marketing. Such societies will be the subject of investigations, and they will be stopped through the use of the law. RDA has also given the general public the advice to keep an eye on these initiatives and to always confirm their legality before investing any money.

Additionally, DG RDA has directed the relevant departments to impose strong sanctions on any unauthorized residential projects, commercial projects, constructions, and encroachments.

List of Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Every month and every year, the Capital Development Authority publishes a list of all the legal and unauthorized housing societies in Islamabad. In order to notify the general public and other stakeholders about the illegal housing projects, these lists are created in their best interests. Housing societies are deemed illegal if they lack the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from CDA.

Numerous unlawful housing societies are allegedly operating in various zones and areas of Islamabad, according to CDA. Additionally, the CDA made it clear that, in accordance with the CDA Ordinance of 1960, ICT (Zoning Regulations), and processes created thereunder for the establishment of private housing schemes, the approval of any housing society is a two-tier process.

Illegal Housing Societies in Zone-1 Islamabad 

The overall size of Islamabad’s Zone 1 is 54,958.25 acres (222.4081 km2). Zone 1 includes the Grand Trunk (G.T.) Road’s current routing from its beginning intersection at Kashmir Highway to its terminus at the Nicolson Monuments.

The following listings of unlawful housing societies are for Islamabad’s 5 zones:

Zone 1 of Islamabad includes the following sectors:

  • The I-8 to I-16 sectors
  • H-8 through H-12
  • The G-8 to G-14 sectors
  • F-6 to F-11 Sectors
  • E-7 through E-10
  • The D-11 and D-12 sectors

The illegal housing societies in Islamabad’s Zone 1 are listed below:

  • Abdullah Town, H-17
  • Ammar Town, H-17
  • Chinnar Town, H-17
  • Gulshan-e-Taleem, H-15
  • Jhangio Sayedain Homes, H-15
  • Peral Orchard, H-17
  • Qamar Garden, H-15
  • Sher Zaman Garden, H-17
  • Shifa International Housing Society, H-17
  • Talha Farms, H-17
  • Tayyab Garden H-15
  • Zammar Valley, H-17
  • Ahmad Town, D-14
  • Awan Town, D-14
  • Capital Hills Residencia, D-14
  • Green Valley Phase-II, E-15
  • Green Valley, D-14
  • Margalla View Valley, D-14
  • Paradise Valley, D-14
  • Shehzad Town, E-15

Illegal Housing Societies in Zone-2 Islamabad 

Islamabad’s Zone 2 is a relatively smaller area, covering 39.6791 km2 or 9,804.92 acres. Zone 2 is next to Zone 1 and, at one end, it is connected to Rawalpindi. Zone 2 is made up of various regions that are bordered by the Grand Trunk (G.T.) Road in the north and northeast, the Kashmir Highway in the north, and the borders of Islamabad.

Zone 2 in Islamabad includes the following sectors:

  • Sector G-15 (Part)
  • Sector G-16
  • Sector F-15 (Part)
  • Sector F-16
  • Sector E-15 (Part)
  • Sector E-16
  • Sector E-17
  • Sector D-16
  • Sector D-17
  • Sector C-17
  • Sector B-17

Following are the illegal housing societies in Zone 2 of Islamabad:

  • Green City ,Sector D-17, E-17
  • Gulshan-Rehman Sector C-17,D-17
  • Islamabad Co-operative Farming Scheme, Sector D-17
  • Jamal Akber Colony, Tarnol phatak
  • Pakistan Overseas Housing Scheme, Sector F-16
  • Pakistan Town Phase-II G-16, F-16
  • Taj Seventeen West, Luxury Apartments & Shops

Illegal Housing Societies in Zone-3 Islamabad

Zone 3 is close to zone 1 and zone 4 and covers nearly 50,393.01 acres (203.9333 km2). Additionally, this zone links zones 1 and 2 with zones 4 and 5. Since Zone 3 is made up of protected ranges and forests, CDA does not divide it into sectors. Unknown region between Margalla Hills and North of Murree Road also makes up Zone 3.

Zone 3 of Islamabad includes the following areas:

  • Shah Allah Ditta
  • Margalla Avenue
  • Faisal Masjid
  • Daman-e-Koh
  • Saidpur
  • Gokina
  • Pir Sohawa Road
  • Rawal Town
  • Banni Gala
  • Malpur
  • Bhara Kahu
  • Shadara
  • Rawal Lake

Following are the illegal housing societies in Zone 2 of Islamabad:

  • Al Rayan Society
  • Ali Town
  • Arcadia City
  • Aryan Enclave, Korang road, Banni Galla
  • Green Hills
  • Green Meadows (North Ridge) Housing Scheme
  • Major Makhdom Society


In order to combat the unlawful housing societies in Islamabad, CDA has taken a number of actions. To enable legal action against projects and their owners, the Capital Development Authority has ordered several government-level agencies to compile lists of illegal housing societies. In addition, the CDA has previously taken severe measures against the unlawful housing societies in Islamabad’s zones 3 and 4, shutting their offices and subjecting their proprietors to legal proceedings.

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