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Digital Marketing Tips for Realtors to Boost Sales in 2023

You as a realtor could have seen a significant change in the previous ten years. Customers are starting to purchase homes in new ways, frequently starting with internet market research and a distinct idea of what they want from their future homes.

Digital marketing has taken center stage for best-in-class realtors’ marketing initiatives. The real estate sector is now dependent on digital marketing for everything from generating new leads to closing profitable sales.

A potent instrument, digital marketing has shown to be successful in advertising real estate. Digital marketing can be used by real estate purchasers or sellers to speed up the sales process. By adopting new tools and techniques created by digital marketing, they can begin employing it with successful outcomes. 

To increase your sales, it does not imply, however, that you install new digital instruments on your phone. Instead of hiring the right marketing firms to establish their presence and foster their expansion in the market, digital marketing makes it simple to promote one tiny business.

Real Estate and The Importance of Digital Marketing 

Social media is the real game changer for the real estate industry. A real estate professional may create a strong brand and a thriving business using a variety of social media platforms, from buying Facebook Business Ads to publishing photo albums of new listings.  

Start An Email Campaign

An email nurturing campaign is a useful tool for engaging with new leads and keeping in touch with old clients regardless of the industry. A well-rounded campaign should ideally direct prospective customers toward planned activities based on their buyer profiles and prior interactions with you. A client is more likely to open your email and read what you have to say if your content is more relevant and appealing to them.

Create A User-Friendly Website 

How often do you open a website only to close it because it takes too long to load? Realtor websites can occasionally be a web developer’s worst nightmare because they have so many images and links. However, real estate professionals may create a responsive website that is suited for mobile browsing with the assistance of a qualified web designer and awareness of what your clients are looking for.

Since nearly half of all web browsing is done on mobile devices, if your website is not responsive, your customers won’t be able to comfortably view it.

To provide your customers with the greatest experience possible, your mobile-friendly website should have the following content:

  • A list of all new listings.
  • Content that will guide them through the entire home-buying process or accommodation options in major cities. 
  • Implementing a live feature on your website. Because the people in your real estate firm are so important, it’s crucial to be accessible to them when they have inquiries. Purchasing live chat software enables customers to communicate with you whenever they want and make appointments without necessarily speaking to you personally.

Create and Post Valuable and Relevant Blog Content

A blog is a great method to improve your SEO, establish a solid online reputation, and give your clients practical information on buying or selling real estate. Without great content, whether it’s posted on your website or social media, a real estate professional’s digital marketing strategy is worthless.

Make sure you frequently publish information that buyers and sellers can refer to for solutions to their most pressing real estate questions in addition to your adaptable website.

Devising A Social Media Marketing Strategy 

A full-fledged social media marketing approach is what produces the outcomes you’re after, not just sometimes posting real estate-related articles on your Facebook page. If you have expertise in digital marketing, you may be aware of the challenges involved in developing a social media strategy and posting consistently across all platforms. However, social media content creation and scheduling can be made easy and obvious with the aid of platforms like Buffer.

Providing a variety of material is the most crucial piece of advice when creating a social media plan for your real estate company. Sharing listings is a crucial part of your digital strategy, but you also want to make sure that your content is valuable to a wider audience than just leads looking to buy a house.

Spend Time on SEO 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a crucial tactic for generating leads for your website. Your website and web pages will rank better on search engine results pages (SERPs) when done appropriately during pertinent queries.

Although Google and other search engines frequently update their algorithms, it’s essential to continuously work on your SEO. A fundamental component of SEO that can significantly impact results is keywords. Make sure to incorporate high-ranking keywords into your SEO strategy by incorporating them into the blog posts and website content for your location and your industry. 

The following are the important elements of a strong SEO strategy:

  • Backlinks
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Online directories
  • Social media pages 

Effectiveness of Video and Mobile Marketing

The efficacy of mobile and video marketing has been demonstrated repeatedly.

Numerous studies have shown that mobile advertising efforts are more successful than other web standards. It’s hardly shocking to learn that many individuals use cell phones to visit websites.

Videos also boost conversion. Mobile and video marketing require money. For instance, according to Hubspot, landing pages featuring video tend to increase conversion by up to 80%. A potential customer’s purchase choice may be aided by watching a product presentation video, which may also result in audience members becoming leads.

Additionally, video content is ranked by search engines. Posting a video has been shown to enhance interaction, which is something Google is always looking for in content.

Add CTAs On The Website 

To guide people to the next action, limit the number of calls to action on your website to one or two. CTAs are crucial for driving signups for you, helping you grow your database that can be nurtured through email marketing, which we discuss in the next point, and for reminding customers to take action and solidify their decision.

Remember that CTAs don’t necessarily have to be sales; you can use them to increase newsletter signups, encourage people to contact you, or even encourage people to interact with you on social media. Wherever you set them, make sure they are visible and clickable.

Invest in Facebook Ads to Generate Leads 

Due to its extensive reach and tailored targeting possibilities for the real estate industry, Facebook is one of the greatest social media platforms for real estate brokers. The majority of realtors use Facebook advertisements to market their real estate services because they provide the best ROI and allow them to be hyperlocal in their advertising, according to InVideo’s research.

However, there is one drawback: Facebook’s ad manager may occasionally become unnecessarily technical, making it challenging to run the correct kinds of advertising and find the right kinds of audiences. This is why it’s crucial to learn about Facebook advertisements and understand the kinds of ads you should run there to obtain the best results. You can run different kinds of ads such a

  • Property ads
  • Client testimonial ads
  • Video ads 


It all depends on how effectively the ideas are used, even though practically every real estate agent and broker use one or more digital marketing initiatives as part of their business.

Concentrate on producing digital material that tries to address the issues and questions of the homebuyer. Increase your chances of being found by potential clients by utilizing a variety of online marketing techniques.

In the end, it’s more important to focus on the quality of the conversion than just how many individuals you reach.

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