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Every year on 22 April, people around the world mark World Earth Day to show support for environmental conservation. Earth Day serves as a global reminder to people of the value of environmental sustainability and conservation, inspiring action on behalf of a healthier planet and a better future. The day promotes a strong bond with nature and increases awareness while spurring action.

History of World Earth Day 2024

The beginning of Earth Day dates back to 1970. Senator Gaylord Nelson of the United States and Harvard student Denis Hayes came up with the concept for the event. Both the huge oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in January 1969 and the United States’ declining environmental conditions severely troubled them. He was very concerned by the effects on the environment and wished to channel the passion of student demonstrations into promoting a greater understanding of air and water pollution. 

In order to organize the campus seminars and spread awareness of environmental protection, he enlisted the help of young activist Denis Hayes. In an effort to boost student involvement, they selected April 22 as the Wednesday in between Spring Break and Final Examinations. Its initial success was demonstrated by the 20 million people who participated nationwide. 

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Earth Day expanded internationally and crossed national boundaries by 1990. The day is important because it causes us to reevaluate our thoughts and realize that we are inseparably connected to nature rather than existing apart from it. It inspires people to adopt tiny lifestyle adjustments in order to support green initiatives and build a world that is healthier. 

Why World Earth Day Celebrated?

The purpose of Earth Day is to increase public awareness of environmental problems such as destruction of forests, pollution, climate change, and the disappearance of species that are endangered.

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It motivates people to take action to protect and safeguard the natural assets of the planet on behalf of governments, societies, and individuals.

The reason Earth Day is important is because it encourages people to support sustainable laws and behaviors.  Earth Day has a significant role in motivating good change and establishing a stronger relationship between mankind and the world by raising awareness about the environment and encouraging participation.

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