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Fireworks and New Year Night Celebrations in Islamabad 2023

“Celebrate endings-for they precede new beginnings!”

New Year- a time of hope and inspiration, an opportunity to start a new chapter of your life. 

New Year brings new chances to take a fresh start and set new goals. 

People around the world have been celebrating the start of every year with great zeal. Common traditions include midnight fireworks, attending get-togethers, preparing and enjoying new year’s food, making resolutions for the new year, etc. 

Celebrations Around The World 

In many countries, new year celebrations begin on the evening of December 31 and continue till the evening of January 1. People worldwide hold many strange yet interesting beliefs about celebrating New Year in a particular way. 

New Year Food & What It Symbolizes

People enjoy different meals and snacks and attribute specific beliefs to different meals. For instance, Spanish people eat a dozen grapes right before midnight, symbolizing their hopes for the incoming year. 

In different parts of the world, people eat legumes as they believe they resemble coins and are a sign of future wealth and financial success—for example, lentils in Italy and black eyes peas in the southern US. Ring-shaped cakes and pastries symbolize that year has completed the full circle and are served on New Year’s eve in the Netherlands, Greece, and Mexico. Sweden and Norway celebrate New Year’s eve by cooking rice pudding and hiding an almond inside the pudding. It is believed that whosoever finds the almond will have good fortune for the next twelve months. 

Dropping the ball is one of the most iconic and famous New Year’s traditions in the United States. It is celebrated at Times Square in New York City. This event has taken place every year since 1907, and thousands of people watch and enjoy this event every year. 

Other new year traditions include watching fireworks and singing songs with friends or family members at the stroke of midnight. 

Celebrations in Pakistan 

Pakistan is culturally different and diverse than most countries around the globe. The way of celebrating New Year and other traditions is different in Pakistan. Celebrations range from offering special prayers to fireworks in different cities at midnight. 

People celebrate New Year according to their particular beliefs and value systems, which may vary according to ethnicity, religion, and culture. 

Pakistan is an Islamic country and, in addition to the Gregorian calendar, also has an Islamic calendar. According to the Islamic calendar, the new year date differs from the other calendar. The new year according to the Islamic calendar, starts on the 1st of Muharram. The Islamic new year begins with prayers in mosques for the peace and prosperity of Pakistan and its people. 

Festivity and Joy in Every Nook and Corner 

Pakistanis also celebrate the Gregorian calendar New Year with excitement and zeal. Massive fireworks, concerts, cultural shows, and festivals are organized throughout the country. 

Offices and organizations arrange new year dinners, musical nights, etc. Newspapers and magazines publish exclusive new year articles special programs are aired on television and radio.

Every new year brings happiness, joy, and celebrations with it. Celebrating such events is a sign of hope and must be enjoyed to the fullest. New year celebrations in Pakistan are held in different places.

Fireworks in Bahria Town Phase 8 During Happy New Year 2023

Bahria Town has a tradition of turning every joyful event into the biggest celebratory night through its efforts. 

Eiffel tower Bahria Town Phase 8 Islamabad will welcome the new year with epic fireworks on December 31, 2022, at midnight. 

Fireworks in Giga Mall 2023 Celebrations 

Giga Mall is the ideal location if you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate the New Year. All day long, there will be a jam-packed schedule of joyful, entertaining, and family-friendly events, including grand new year’s eve fireworks at Giga Mall.

As soon as the clock strikes 00:00 on December 31, the sky will explode in brilliant hues from fireworks. Preparations are in full swing, and the Giga mall management is trying its best to uplift the game. 

So you can go and join the crowd to celebrate New Year’s night at Giga Mall, where there will be an impressive fireworks display. For this fantastic event, be careful to pick a spot early because many areas fill up quickly!

Fireworks in Park View City Islamabad 

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and Park View City management is all set to display a joyous and heart-winning fireworks show for the people of the twin cities.  

Following the tradition of celebrating new year’s night with spirit and joy, Park View City will arrange fireworks on December 31 at 12 am sharp. 

Bahria Town Family Festival Happy New Year 2023 

The new year is a big event and calls for celebrations on a massive scale. Bahria Town wins hearts every year with crazy fireworks, a dancing fountain show, food stalls, rides, trampolines for kids, etc. 

Bahria Town facilitates people by arranging a grand family festival within the society. Hundreds of people gather every year to celebrate this new year festival in Bahria Town. The joys of the festival and fantastic fireworks give memories to cherish throughout the following year.

No Entry Fee!

Bahria Town does not charge any entry fee to experience the amazing fireworks; it is totally free of cost! The family festival starts at 6 pm, and the fireworks can be witnessed at exactly 12 am. 

These festivals are a chance for family members to share and revive a valuable bond with each other. 

Safety Tips for Watching Fireworks 

  • Although fireworks are very appealing to the eyes, they can be harmful to children. It is necessary to keep earplugs and sunglasses for the children as a safety measure.
  • To reach the festival or fireworks spot in time, make sure to leave your house early. Otherwise, there are high chances that you’ll be stuck on the road because of crazy traffic jams. 
  • Avoid bringing precious items, and take care of your belongings. The possibility of getting your cash or precious belongings is very high in these crowds. 
  • Find a side corner or spot where you do not have to push others to get a view.
  • Avoid throwing garbage and wrappers; utilize dustbins that are installed at different places in the festival.
  • Wait for your turn at the entrance and avoid pushing people or creating trouble for everyone. 

New Year 2023 Greeting Cards 

With the fast-paced digital world, greeting someone on special occasions has become very easy. With just a few clicks, you can wish someone a happy new year through a simple text or a phone call. 

Although it is very convenient and effortless, but if you want to make your loved ones feel special and show a special connection, you can send them handmade or customized new year greeting cards. It is a very simple gesture, but it will increase the happiness to manifolds. 

Double the Joy of The New Year With the Year-end Sales

Since the New year has taken a form of a festival in the country, various businesses, including restaurants, cab services, online merchants, clothing brands, and even electronics companies, are providing attractive discount deals, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Many clothing and other stores offer big discounts and sales for their customers in the joy of the new year. With the start of the new year, huge discounts are offered in many categories providing the best shopping experience to everyone and doubling the joy of the new year. 

New Year Resolutions in Pakistan 

Many people around the world make new year’s resolutions. This practice dates back to years ago when ancient Babylonians wanted to win favors from God and made promises in return. 

New year resolutions mean making a vow or promise to give up a bad habit, a negative behavior, or a personal goal. People think of making resolutions as a chance to change for the betterment. New Year is a gateway to a new lifestyle, new goals, new hopes, and new chances for improvement. Making resolutions makes it easier to work for your goals.

Common New Year’s resolutions include quitting smoking, eating healthier, exercising more, getting more organized, laughing more, traveling more, or trying out foods of different cultures, but they can really be anything. 

Some of the easily achievable resolutions that can help you break your bad habits and turn into a better person include:

Spend Less, Save More 

Saving and organizing your budget is a habit that will help you the most in the long run. 

It is important to outline your budget at the start of every month and try your best to stick to it. Avoid scrolling mindlessly through online shopping stores to save yourself from unnecessary spending. 

Read More 

The new year is a perfect time to start a new book. To make it part of your daily routine, make it a habit to place a book on your side table and read only ten pages every day, no matter what. Slowly increase this count and join readers’ or book clubs or groups on social media platforms to make yourself accountable. 

Explore New Hobbies 

Don’t spend another weekend sleeping and procrastinating all day in bed. Every person has a hobby that is lost somewhere in the monotonous office or college routine.

If you enjoy painting, make it a resolution to paint more in the new year. If you love cooking, try cooking food from different cultures and regions. 

Other happy new year resolutions include:

  • Travel more
  • Get organized
  • Exercise more
  • Lose weight
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Take more off days
  • Spend more time with family
  • Spend less time on the internet
  • Don’t binge watch

Some interesting new year’s resolutions include: 

  • Trying everything on a food menu.
  • Coming up with new excuses to take a day off rather than bore the boss with the same old reasons.
  • Rewatching your favorite show and see how many times you can watch it before getting bored. 
  • Break all your new year resolutions.

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