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Google Announces Scholarships for Pakistani Students. Google believes that education is the first important step towards success. Google is committed to ensuring that everyone benefits from AI developments. Hence, it launched 45,000 Google scholarships for Pakistani students.

In order to support people in a variety of industries in gaining fundamental AI abilities, Google has launched Google AI Essentials, a brand-new self-paced online course. 

Designed by Google AI professionals, this course is available in English on Coursera and does not require any prior AI experience. Participants will learn to use AI tools to improve productivity, generate ideas, and expedite daily work. The course also covers responsible AI use by addressing potential biases and effective prompt writing. 

Google Career Certificates: New Resources and Scholarships

Google will make up to 45,000 scholarships available in 2024 for its Google Career Certificates (GCC). These programs will train students for entry-level positions in quickly expanding industries, including digital marketing, cybersecurity, and data analytics. Google also added new tools to the GCC programs. The goal is for students to understand how AI is used in their disciplines and gain real-world experience in work environments. 

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The GCC program has had a major impact on Pakistani graduates since its inception in 2022. Studies show that:

  • 80% of Pakistani students have reported professional advances. 
  • 28% of female graduates saw increases in their finances. 24% got new employment or promotions. In addition, 91% of Pakistani students felt more confident after completing it.

Encouraging Independent Freelancers: PAFLA Freelance Program

Google and the Pakistan Freelancers Association (PAFLA) have joined to develop a program. This program aims to improve the competitiveness of Pakistani freelancers in recognition of the country’s standing as the international third-largest freelancing economy. Through expert-led training sessions, the initiative—which benefits up to 50,000 freelancers—focuses on enhancing soft skills. These soft skills include communication and personal branding. 

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Women Empowerment: Kamyabi Career Program

Google wants to empower women in the workplace. For this purpose, Google and Tech Valley worked together to create the Career Kamyabi initiative. By providing women with equal job possibilities and professional development opportunities, this project promotes gender balance. Also, it fosters an inclusive work environment. This program has the support of more than 50 of Pakistan’s top companies. It attempts to link women with possible employers in order to promote career advancement and economic prospects. 

Google’s Dedication to the Digital Future of Pakistan

Google’s Country Director for Pakistan, Farhan Qureshi, stressed the company’s commitment to improving Pakistan’s digital landscape. The Google Career Certificates program is a component of Google’s larger effort to give young Pakistanis access to finance. Also, it encourages Pakistani students to pursue careers in technology. By giving 45,000 scholarships to Pakistani students, Google hopes to give Pakistani students greater chances to realize their full potential by collaborating with neighborhood organizations. The GCC program’s third phase will fortify Pakistan’s inclusive, empowered, and learning culture while advancing the country’s future. 

Google is funding programs like the GCC to provide Pakistani students with the digital skills they need to advance and thrive in the rapidly changing tech industry. 

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