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At the Tax Excellence Awards 2024 on Tuesday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif gave honors to the nation’s top exporters and taxpayers.

Imtiaz Hussain of Imtiaz Provision Store is reportedly at the top of the list of those who have paid the largest amount of income tax in the individual category.

Musadaq Zulqarnain, the Chairman of Interloop Ltd., comes in second on the list. Third on the list is Tarique Aziz Channa, the proprietor of MBC & SONS Builders & Developers.

Tariq Rafi of Siddiqsons Group and Muhammad Haroon Mehmood of Volta are in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Highest Income Taxpayers (Companies)

In the category of companies, Muslim Commercial Bank Limited is ranked highest among income tax payers. The following is the complete list:

  • Muslim Commercial Bank Limited
  • United Bank Limited
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • National Bank of Pakistan

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