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How to Confirm Your Property in Islamabad?

Over the past few years, investment in real estate has become much more common throughout Pakistan. Locals have bought lots, homes, and land territories all throughout the country, as more residential communities and societies are being developed. 

The general population has recently purchased a lot of real estate, particularly in major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Multan. While on one hand, the growth of towns and societies has given people more opportunities to invest in real estate, the problem of illegitimate land development and sale has also created a lot of misery.

Property Scams

For a long time, people have been complaining and are frustrated with fraudulent activities and property scams. These scams frequently involve online form-filling websites, the selling of a single piece of land to many buyers, forged registration documents, and the replacement of unmarked plots. 

Sometimes, especially when buying internationally, fake agents trick the customer. It has been noted that some overseas Pakistanis who own property in Pakistan hire a caretaker to live there. The caretaker poses as the property’s owner and accepts a token payment from any prospective buyers.

Every commercial or residential project claims to be “a CDA approved project,” even though it may not even fall within the capital premises. Usually, the housing scheme’s map or layout plan is changed, making it impossible to find the plot for which one has paid. 

On one side, the housing societies are registered with the ICT’s cooperative department, while on the other, the CDA issues project NOCs. For the benefit of the citizens, the relevant authorities must also address this issue.

Why Property Verification is Important?

Real estate scams are nothing new, but over time, purchasers have discovered techniques to guard themselves against dishonest tactics. Nevertheless, one cannot be too cautious. If you intend to invest in a different city or, let’s say, if you are a Pakistani living abroad who cannot physically be present to verify a property’s legality, things could get even more difficult.

The Property Verification Centre is the most essential service for such buyers in order to enable them to make a transparent and secure real estate investment.

How to Verify Legal Status of Property/Land in Islamabad 

Before investing, it is extremely easy to check the legal status of a piece of property or piece of land in Islamabad. You can avoid engaging in any fraudulent land investment activity around Islamabad with the use of this technique.

Here’s a guideline through which you can verify the legal status of property or land in Islamabad:

  1. Visit the DC office’s Property Verification Center (PVC) in Islamabad.
  2. If you are the buyer, you must complete a form with the necessary information for the DC office (you want to buy).
  3. Once the form has been completed, you may submit it in the office per the PVC’s instructions.
  4. Within 24 hours, the Property Verification Center will confirm the property’s legal status and let you know whether it is legal or illegal.

The verification process is free of processing charges.

Property Verification Center

The Property Verification Center will equip buyers and sellers to assist them in confirming the legality of the project they wish to purchase. Illegal and unapproved housing societies are expanding rapidly in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, attracting investors to a significant degree. 

These types of investment frauds typically target people living in other cities and Pakistanis living abroad, and some of these projects don’t even fall under Islamabad’s territorial control.

This project will be a cooperative effort between the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Capital Administration. Real estate investors will be assisted by the Property Verification Center regarding the status of the project, whether it is residential or commercial.

The information for all the CDA and capital administration approved and legal projects is maintained on a unique and distinct portal of the Property Verification Centre.

Every real estate investor wants to maximize their earnings and increase their annual rental yields. Along with other alluring facilities, such difficult-to-refuse incentives are used in fraudulent schemes to entice investors, compromising the security of their investment. 

Although CDA already has a number of programs in place to assist people in this respect, the recently established platform is far more effective, hassle-free, and quick.

Property Verification in Punjab and Sindh

With the use of the Online Land Records Management Information System, people in Punjab can access online records concerning their property (LRMIS).

The official website of Punjab Zameen,, contains all the information regarding properties and lands.

There is also a mobile app to check on issues relating to property ownership in Punjab. This program makes it simple to examine records, takes up little time, doesn’t demand payment of any form of fee, and incorporates NADRA. You are not required to pay Patwari to look up property ownership.

Benefits of LRMIS 

  • Less time is needed to finish the mutation process (transfer of Property).
  • The records are simple to check from your home.
  • There is no price to be paid.
  • NADRA’s incorporation and biometric verification provide assurance that the property record is accurate.
  • To check the ownership of the property, you are not required to pay the patwari.
  • No corruption.

This kind of online method was also introduced by the Sindh Board for those individuals who own property there.

The PM started the Cadastral Mapping of Islamabad in September last year in an effort to end land grabbing and guarantee transaction transparency.

Cadastral mapping is a thorough method that identifies land subdivision boundaries, aids in locating a property, shows its size and shape, and displays geographic relationships that influence property worth.

The first stage of Pakistan’s digitalized cadastral mapping, which began in November 2021, revealed a major encroachment of state land worth Rs 5,595 billion.

The “shocking statistics” from the digitalized property registry, which showed that the encroached properties also included forest land valued at Rs 1,869 billion, were published by the prime minister on Twitter.

Private Societies Verification 

You must personally visit the office of the private society to verify the ownership of the property and dues when you are checking the property ownership rights for private societies. You must be given a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the relevant society by the vendor. You might also think about using the websites for online private housing programs for this. 

For extra advice, you may also take into account the agents who work in these fields.

It is also crucial to note that only Punjab and Sindh have online verification portals, while the other provinces lack such tools, necessitating a trip to the local government to learn more about property ownership rights. To guarantee a smooth transaction, avoid making any rash decisions and confirm that the property is being sold by the legal owner.

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