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How to Maintain Your Generator at Home?

Maintaining your generator, like any other device in your house, reduces the likelihood that it may malfunction or require urgent repairs. Your generator will last longer and perform better if you pay more attention to it. In instance, did you know that a generator with regular maintenance lasts twice as long as one without it?

Tips for Maintaining a Generator

Take into account these generator maintenance suggestions to maintain a high level of efficiency.

Change The Oil 

Oil changes are one of the most crucial aspects of generator maintenance. Several factors, such as the following, will determine how frequently you should replace the oil:

  • The name of the generator you have
  • Exactly how often do you use your generator
  • How the generator performs in that environment

Based on the aforementioned criteria, industry experts advise changing the oil every 50 to 200 hours of operation. For instance, because newer, cutting-edge models burn cleaner than older ones, they can need fewer oil changes. However, you might need to increase the frequency of oil changes if your generator runs in an area with a lot of dust or other impurities that can mix with the oil.

Keep It Clean 

The rotor and stator, two components found inside your generator, cooperate to produce power in a generator. Rotors and stators frequently gather dust, debris, and other impurities while they are in use.

Your rotor and stator won’t be able to generate energy as effectively if you let your generator accumulate too much dirt. You’ll probably burn the two components out more quickly than usual as well.

You must clean the air filters in your generator to get rid of trash. Additionally, it’s advised to inspect the air filter for dust once a week, regardless of how frequently you use your generator.

Increase the frequency of your generator checks if you reside in an especially dusty environment. These safety measures will guarantee that your generator will give maximum efficiency when you need it.

Start It Up 

Since generators are typically used as a backup measure, it may be months or even years before you need to start one. But what if your generator breaks down just as you need it to?

Keep yourself out of this predicament. Instead, turn on your generator once a month to:

  • Make sure oil is being used to lubricate it.
  • Battery charging (if applicable)
  • The carburetor is operating well.

The generator must function well and you must have access to electricity when you need it most.

Don’t Use Old Gas or Fuel

It’s possible that the majority of homeowners are unaware that they should drain the fuel from their generator’s tank after each use. Cleaning the tank helps to guarantee that you’re using clean, effective fuel and safeguards your equipment from wear and tear.

Invest in a generator that is simple to refuel whenever necessary rather than relying on outdated fuel. For instance, propane-powered generators can make use of home delivery services, giving you access to supplies in an emergency without having to look for fuel.

Keep It at a Safe Place 

It is very important to keep your generator at a safe place in your home. You must exercise some caution after each use if you want to prolong the lifespan of your portable generator. Double check that the fuel lines are empty in addition to emptying the fuel tank. To prevent corrosion and increase the life of your equipment, store it in a cool, dry environment.

Homeowners may want to think about investing in items like:

  • Sheds for generators
  • Tents
  • Covers

To prevent untimely and frequent repairs, each of these equipment helps you store and safeguard your portable generator.

Cleaning and Servicing 

It is necessary to clean your generator and get it serviced regularly whether you use it or not. If the generator is sitting idle and not being used on a regular basis, it still needs cleaning and servicing twice a year. However, it needs frequent cleaning if it is used more often or daily.

When cleaning a generator, closely examine its moving parts. Check for any corroded or rusty parts. Replace them right away because they can damage the equipment’s ability to function. Don’t forget to look for any wiring issues and stuck buttons as well, and solve them immediately. Every time you inspect and maintain your home generator, keep a record of it.

Check for Lubricants

The generator contains numerous moving parts, some of which could eventually come loose. Anything from gasoline pumps and injectors to wiring and electrical parts could be the cause. You should seek expert advice if you are unsure how to fix any loose, jammed, or frayed parts. It is best to play it safe and not take any chances.

Fix Any Loose Screws or Parts

If the manufacturer’s instructions are available, attempt to follow them when checking and replacing lubricants. Additionally, how often you check and replace the oil in your home generator depends on how you use it. If you use your generator frequently, you should check and replace the lubricants more frequently; otherwise, once a year should be sufficient.

Power Chords or Spark Plugs 

Not all power cables are created equal, and they vary in terms of how exposed they are to the environment and how much power they can handle. Think about whether or not your cord will be exposed to weather conditions and whether or not it can survive these factors. An electrical shock might result from a broken power cord.

One of the most crucial parts of your generator is the spark plug because it aids in power generation. So, while operating and maintaining your generator, be sure to examine it. If you find them in poor shape, you may quickly replace them because they are typically fairly inexpensive.

Do’s and Not to Do’s of Keeping a Generator at Home 

Follow these tips to keep you and your family safe when using generators:

Generator Do’s 

  • Don’t use the generator inside. Never utilize it inside.
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm that runs on batteries.
  • Dry off the generator. Never use it or touch it with damp hands in the rain or other wet situations. Operate on a dry surface beneath an open canopy-like structure to protect from moisture.
  • Use a heavy duty outdoor extension lead that is rated in watts or amps at least equal to the total connected appliance loads instead of plugging appliances directly into the generator. Verify that the plug has all three prongs, notably an earthing pin, and that the entire cord is free of rips or tears.

Generator Not to Do’s

  • Never attempt backreading, or connecting the generator to a wall socket to power the house wiring. Extremely risky, this poses a risk of electrocution to both utility personnel and nearby residents who receive service from the same utility transformer. Additionally, several of the standard domestic circuit protection mechanisms are bypassed.
  • A fire hazard should not be created. Maintain generator fuel in appropriately labeled non-glass safety containers. Store outside the house and far from fuel-burning devices, such as the garage’s natural gas water heater.
  • Turn off the generator and allow it to cool before refueling it. On heated engine components, spilled fuel may ignite.

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