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How to Prevent Land Grabbing in Pakistan?

Treatment is never better than prevention. Most land or property snatching activities are the result of careless attitudes when purchasing a property. In other cases, acts of land grabbing are sparked by animosity.

Since the country’s establishment, such offenders, who are in the business of stealing land that doesn’t belong to them, have existed in Pakistani culture.

The perpetrators of this organized crime are typically snobbish and colonial-minded. They oversee the companies and hire personnel to perform specific tasks. As the value of real estate has increased, these land speculators have only recently started.

Land Grabbing in Pakistan 

Imagine receiving news that you will soon be evicted from the home you have called home for many years. Even if you struggle and refuse to leave the property, you will be forced to.

In Pakistan, the act of attempting to steal land to which one does not own legal title is known as “land grabbing.” Either a forceful or non-forceful technique can be used.

Parties or businesses that participate in land grabbing are known as land mafias, or Qabza Mafias in Pakistan. It may be obtained by manipulation or the use of false evidence. An illustration of this would be a tenant that continues to cling to your property even after the lease has expired.

How to stop Pakistan’s land-grabbing practices is the main issue at hand.

Right of Property Disposition 

According to article 23 of the Pakistani constitution,  every citizen of Pakistan has the right to own, procure and dispose of the property in any area of Pakistan, subject to the constitution and any reasonable restrictions established by the legislation in the public interest. 

Article 24 of the constitution deals with property protection rights of citizens of Pakistan. According to this article, no Pakistani citizen can be forced to give up his or her property unless he does so in conformity with the law. No one is allowed to take the property necessarily or compulsorily acquired unless acquired for public purpose. This can only be done under the authority of law and in this case, the government will provide proper compensation for the acquired land. 

Ways to Prevent Land Grabbing in Pakistan 

Here are some suggestions to help you prevent Pakistani land grabbing from taking over your property:

Inspect the Property Before Buying 

If you are buying a new house, you must do a thorough investigation and confirm all the legal documents to determine the true owner of the property.

If you hire a lawyer early who can verify the authenticity of property papers, the process of purchasing a home can be considerably simpler.

Verify All The Documents Thoroughly 

If you want to stop occurrences of land grabbing or real estate fraud, you must evaluate your property records and have these records verified by the appropriate departments and authorities.

A new technique for taking people’s property has lately emerged: tricking people into buying pieces of land or other assets using forged or fake papers.

The documents are then used by the scam artists to claim ownership of the assets as a legal or authentic source.

These scam artists use this documentation as the foundation for a made-up lawsuit that they submit as evidence in court. Therefore, it is essential to study the paperwork before buying any property.

Verify Your Possession of The Property 

Once you have purchased a property, it is essential to mark it as your own. By erecting a boundary wall around your land, you can accomplish this.

In addition, many people install a small storage space that can be connected to your main building unit if you decide to expand.

You might even create a garden behind the walls or hire a security guard to keep watch constantly.

If your property is in a notoriously land-grabbing area, you should stay in close contact with the housing society’s sponsor.

You may ensure that your facility is acknowledged and given priority in terms of safety in this way.

Marking The Property 

These land mafias typically target properties without official marks or owner declarations.

It is therefore crucial for approved property owners to mark the property in advance.

In addition to keeping the property hidden from shady land speculators, it also gives legitimate owners documentation of possession in case their property is taken illegally.

Keep a Record of Utility Bills and All the Documents of Your Property 

Your property’s records serve as insurance and verification that you are not a victim of these land-grabbing techniques.

By organizing all of your paperwork and paying all of your bills, you can ensure that your property is shielded from any potential government action.

Because property records provide them all the legal basis they need to remove legitimate owners, land speculators frequently target them. They are able to create false paperwork, forge documents, and file lawsuits.

Take General Precautionary Measures 

Never leave a plot blank is one of the precautions you may take to prevent such situations.

At the very least, construct a gate and a wall. This attests to your ownership of the land, ensuring that you won’t suffer a similar loss.

The next step is to continue paying your taxes and dues while maintaining the original paperwork and keeping it constantly tested and validated.

Don’t skimp on the paperwork completion. A bad situation may result from inaccurate or incomplete recording of any property because it creates a gap that bad actors could exploit.

Last but not least, keep your personal information private. This includes information from your CNIC, passport, driver’s license, bank account, and other documents.

If anyone can get their hands on this information, they might abuse it and cause you harm.

How to File a Complaint Against Land Grabbing on Citizen’s Portal 

  1. Install the software for the Pakistan Citizen Portal.
  2. Determine if you are an in-country resident or a Pakistani who lives abroad.
  3. Use your phone number and CNIC to register for the app.
  4. On the phone you provided, a verification SMS will be sent to you.
  5. Select the category of Land Grabbing/Encroachment.
  6. File a formal grievance.


Raising the threshold for land grabbing organizations like the Qabza Mafia has been a top priority for the government. Additional special courts are established within the same cell to expedite the process overall.

You can protect your property from these Pakistani land speculators by keeping in mind the legislation and safety measures described above.

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