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Introduction to International Human Rights Day

Every year on December 10, the world observes International Human Rights Day. This day is a global reminder to promote awareness of fundamental human rights and freedom. This day reminds us of the promises made by countries all around the globe to respect the values and boundaries outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

When is Human Rights Day?

December 10th is designated as Human Rights Day every year. It honors the day in 1948 when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified by the UN General Assembly. This historic proclamation states that every person has an unalienable right to certain protections against discrimination based on their race, color, religion, sex, language, political opinion, national or social origin, property, place of birth, or any other status.

What is the Purpose of Human Rights Day?

Human Rights Day aims to create a world where everyone can live with the certainty that their fundamental rights and freedoms are respected. This day aims to build a world where everyone is treated equally regardless of race, gender, religion, or any other distinguishing factor. This day is about acknowledging and celebrating every individual’s equality and inherent dignity. It serves as a worldwide campaign to advocate for the international protection of human rights. Also, International Human Rights Day is used as a forum to bring attention to concerns about these rights. The day serves as a sad reminder of the horrors committed during World War II. Human Rights Day emphasizes following the determination of the international community to stop such crimes from happening in the future.

The world recognizes the value of respecting the basic principles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by declaring December 10 as Human Rights Day. Therefore, there are two goals to be achieved: 

  • First, to consider the advancements made in the area of human rights.
  • Second, to motivate a fresh commitment to addressing the ongoing problems threatening people’s dignity and well-being everywhere.

On International Human Rights Day, governments, organizations, and individuals are encouraged to take practical steps. It aims to strengthen the sense of responsibility of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. This day encourages people to raise their voices against inequality, discrimination, and prejudice. Additionally, Human Rights Day seeks to promote a collective commitment through education, awareness campaigns, and various other initiatives.

History of International Human Rights Day

International Human Rights Day has its origins in the years after World War II. The international community established a comprehensive framework for the protection of human rights in response to the tragic events observed during the period of war. On December 10, 1948, the United Nations General Assembly embraced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This ground-breaking declaration established a universal standard of human rights for all. It served as the catalyst for the worldwide human rights movement.

Why is World Human Rights Day Important?

International Human Rights Day is crucial as it allows nations and individuals to consider UDHR’s values. It emphasizes that human rights are intrinsic, inalienable, and require equal protection from all sources. The day highlights how critical it is to create an environment where everyone may live in dignity and get their fundamental rights, regardless of color, religion, gender, or other traits.

How to Participate in Human Rights Day?

There are several ways to take part in Human Rights Day activities. People may participate in debates and attend events hosted by national and international organizations. Also, educating yourself and others about human rights issues is advisable. You can also promote human rights via social media and other channels.

In addition, you can involve yourself in activities that support and promote human rights. On this International Human Rights Day, consider volunteering labor and donating to organizations that actively take practical steps to promote human rights globally.

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Numerous worldwide events and activities occur on this day. Governments and non-governmental organizations host various events. These events include film screenings, art exhibitions, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and more to raise awareness of human rights concerns. These gatherings facilitate communication, increase consciousness, and promote cooperation in the fight against breaches of human rights.

When Was Human Rights Day First Celebrated?

The Assembly’s adoption of resolution 423 (V) in 1950, which invited all states and interested organizations to observe December 10 as Human Rights Day, marked the official start of the holiday.

The resolution was proclaimed as a “common norm of success for all peoples and all nations” when it was approved by the General Assembly. People and societies were encouraged to “strive by growing measures, national and international, to assure their broad and effective understanding and observance” against this common goal.

World Human Rights Day Events and Activities

Human Rights Day events are typically held at libraries, government offices, nonprofit organizations, and other locations. Check your local region for workshops, readings, seminars, conferences, and other events if you’d like to attend in person. Additionally, events may be found online, which is more handy for a lot of people. Look for events related to human rights and social justice that you can attend at a later time if you are unable to locate or attend one on Human Rights Day.

The Impact of Technology on Human Rights

The impact of technology on human rights is a complex issue. It has changed the terrain of activism, communication, and possible dangers. On the one hand, technology is a valuable tool in advancing and protecting human rights. Digital communication channels and social media platforms have become crucial. People use them to convey their concerns to international human rights associations. They use social media platforms to amplify the underprivileged’s voices and rally support for various causes. This fast distribution of information through technology facilitates cross-border connections. Also, it promotes a sense of global solidarity and quick reactions to human rights abuses.

On the other hand, the rapid growth of technology is also threatening human rights. There are serious risks from data breaches, internet spying, and the abuse of technology for repressive ends. Governments and other organizations may use digital tools to monitor opposition, restrict freedom of expression, and violate privacy. The major problem of this digital world is keeping the balance between protecting human rights and capitalizing on the benefits of technological advancement. Ensuring that technical breakthroughs positively contribute to protecting and fostering human rights on a global scale requires the ethical use of technology. Also, there is a need to develop strong legal frameworks. All this is only possible with international collaboration.


International Human Rights Day aims to inspire people worldwide to work toward a society where the values of justice, equality, and dignity are not just ideals but actual realities. On this day, we should recognize accomplishments and provide effective and practical solutions to resolve those issues. Human Rights Day offers a global platform to renew our commitment to build a society where everyone is free from injustice and discrimination. On this day, let us all come together and play our part in the continuous effort to create a world society that is more equitable, welcoming, and compassionate.


When is Human Rights Day Celebrated?

Every year on December 10, the world observes Human Rights Day.

Why is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Significant?

The UDHR is significant as it creates a uniform standard for human rights worldwide. Also, it emphasizes principles like freedom, equality, and dignity for all.

How can I participate in Human Rights Day Events?

You can take part in Human Rights Day events in different ways. You can attend events and engage in debates concerning Human rights. Also, it is recommended to educate yourself and others. You can also use social media to promote human rights.

What is the Purpose of Human Rights Day?

Regardless of a person’s color, gender, or religion, International Human Rights Day aims to establish a society where everyone’s fundamental rights and freedoms are respected.

How Has Human Rights Day Evolved Since Its Inception?

In order to meet modern concerns, Human Rights Day has changed with time, embracing new challenges and highlighting the continuous dedication to Human Rights principles.

How Does Human Rights Day Address Cultural Diversity?

While highlighting the universal essence of human rights, Human Rights Day is used as a global platform to promote diversity and understanding across diverse civilizations. 

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