Independence Day Celebrations in Pakistan – 14 August 2022

Independence day is just around the corner, and it has brought with it a wave of nationalism and patriotism, like always. On August 14 (Sunday), the country will commemorate its 75th Independence Day with great zeal and excitement and host a series of events to highlight the fight of its ancestors and national heroes for acquiring a separate homeland. The shops are selling flags, badges, caps, and many other customized accessories, especially for 14th of August.

It is a day of celebration in the entire country and will start with a 31-gun salute in the federal and a 21-gun salute in the provincial capitals. In Islamabad, like every year, there will be a flag hoisting ceremony at 9:00 am and sirens will be heard, with all the traffic coming to a standstill for one minute. 

History of Pakistan’s Independence Day

When the British Raj ended in 1947, Pakistan became an independent country and a sovereign state. Pakistan was created as a result of the Pakistan Movement, which was spearheaded by the All-India Muslim League under the direction of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and sought to divide the northwestern region of South Asia into separate Muslim states.

The Indian Independence Act of 1947, which granted the Dominion of Pakistan (later the Islamic Republic of Pakistan), which includes West Pakistan and East Pakistan, independence from the British Indian Empire, was the catalyst for the event.

The day of independence fell on Ramadan 27, which according to the Islamic calendar is a holy day for Muslims, on its eve.

Independence Day events in Islamabad

At dawn, special prayers will be said at mosques for the nation’s peace, unity, and prosperity.

In order to recognize the contribution of Pakistan Movement leaders and the sacrifices of national heroes, various public and private departments in Islamabad will host special events and activities, including seminars, discussion programs, photographic exhibitions, painting, poetry, national songs, and debate competitions.

Similar to other cities, Islamabad’s main thoroughfares and avenues will all be decorated with flags, banners, and buntings to give them a festive appearance. To commemorate this significant occasion, the city’s most prominent public and private buildings will also be lit up.

On this day, the print and electronic media will pay respect to the heroes of the Pakistan Movement and highlight their contributions to making Pakistan a reality.

A traffic management strategy has been completed for the convenience and safety of the general public by the police in Islamabad and the provincial governments.

Numerous events have been planned by literary and cultural organizations to commemorate the day. The Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) in Islamabad will host a number of events in honor of Independence Day.

To celebrate Independence Day, the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) in Islamabad will also organize seminars.

Islamabad has been painted in shades of green and white, and there are many Jashan-i-Azaadi vendors selling gowns, flags, bunting, pin badges, toys, and other ornamental items to draw in young people and kids.

Since Independence Day has taken a form of a festival in the country, various businesses, including restaurants, cab services, online merchants, and even electronics companies, are providing attractive discount deals, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Independence day fireworks at Giga Mall Islamabad

Giga Mall is the ideal location if you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate this Independence Day. All day long, there will be a jam-packed schedule of joyful, entertaining, and family-friendly events, including grand independence day fireworks at Giga Mall.

This year, on the occasion of Pakistan Independence Day, The Giga Mall will showcase fireworks. As soon as the clock strikes 00:00 on August 14th, the sky will explode in brilliant hues from fireworks. It will be a display that has never been done on this size before.

 So you can go and join the crowd to celebrate Independence Day on August 14 at Giga Mall, where there will be an amazing fireworks display. For this fantastic event, be careful to pick a spot early because many areas fill up quickly!

Independence Day celebrations across the country

To commemorate the day, people will travel to national parks and recreational areas. Buildings will be illuminated in green and white. Fireworks displays will be held in parks and other public areas. Independence Day itself delivers a rush of joy.

In the days before August 14, the nation begins to celebrate. Different sizes of the national flag can be seen on balconies, automobiles, and famous locations. The streets are lighted by white and green fairy lights. Shop owners are prepared with flag-themed t-shirts for Independence Day, traditional garb in green and white, and badges.

Locals can be seen on the side of the road selling comparable goods, but in pushable wooden carts that can be moved from one location to another. A sense of patriotism unites everyone.

There will be a change of guards ceremony at national monuments. The mayor of the relevant constituency will conduct the flag-hoisting ceremony in each city across the nation, and senior officers of various private organizations will conduct the ceremony there as well.

August 14 is a national holiday in Pakistan, which is observed with government-organized parades, air shows, and fireworks. Official dignitaries and heads of state pay respect and offer prayers at the mausoleum of Pakistan’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in Karachi each year. Students congregate in schools and universities to sing the national song, participate in poetry contests, and watch cricket games.

On buildings and on everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers, there are portraits of the founder of Pakistan and other notable figures from the war for independence.

Pakistanis also dress in white or green on this day to commemorate the occasion.

Pakistanis enthusiastically observe Independence Day. The flag of Pakistan has two primary colors, green and white. There are national flags flying everywhere, and people enjoy watching fireworks displays.

Pakistanis enthusiastically observe Independence Day. The flag of Pakistan has two primary colors, green and white. There are national flags flying everywhere, and people enjoy watching fireworks displays.

Face painting, wearing the national colors, dressing extravagantly, setting off fireworks, and celebrating everything Pakistani are all common activities among the populace.

In Hazoori Bagh, Lahore Fort, a magnificent ceremony marking Pakistan’s 75th anniversary of independence will take place, with the chief minister of Punjab serving as the chief guest.

The heroes of the Pakistan Movement would receive special invitations to attend the celebration. The orders were given to put all security and related concerns on a special mode in honor of Pakistan’s Golden Jubilee of Independence Day.

In the Hazoori Bagh ceremony, hundreds of Scouts, students in formal attire, and bands would teach the colors of singing, drumming, etc.

On August 14, Pakistan’s Independence Day, fireworks would be done at 5 different locations in Lahore.

Independence day celebrations at Al Sadat Marketing

Al Sadat Marketing is a real estate agency in Islamabad that has been providing real estate services to the citizens in the twin cities and has been striving diligently to meet the demands of its investors. Al Sadat Marketing is all set to celebrate independence day 2022 with great zeal. Al Sadat Marketing head office is decorated with mini flags of Pakistan and white and green balloons. Everyone is wearing clothes of either green or white color and reflecting patriotism. There will also be a cake-cutting ceremony at the head office.

Al Sadat Marketing cares about its clients and to double the joy of this day, it has bought a massive discount on all the real estate properties in multiple societies of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Al Sadat Marketing is the authorized dealer of several renowned housing societies in major cities of Pakistan and in the joy of 14th August, you can enjoy upto 20% discount on purchasing property in any of these societies.

How to celebrate independence day more responsibly

Even though we all celebrate this day of independence with the utmost enthusiasm, most of us have a tendency to forget the journey and ideals that gave rise to it. We forgot the true meaning of this freedom and instead of celebrating it with responsibility, we wreak havoc in the cities.

5 things you should not do this independence day

There are a few things that we should not do while celebrating independence day at any cost:

1. Blocking roads unnecessarily

Young people, more frequently than not, assemble throngs on the streets to hold Independence Day celebrations. Roads become obstructed as a result, and traffic bottlenecks develop. People should designate specific sites for festivities with the authorization of authorities rather than obstructing highways needlessly. Let’s make an effort to be more courteous of our countrymen’s time and avoid causing any traffic snarls.

2. Overspeeding and performing stunts on motorcycles

Speeding too fast is risky. Period. You are not entitled to drive or ride at possibly catastrophic speeds on the highways just because it is Independence Day.

Stunts on a public road are not only risky but also potentially fatal. If such thoughts occur to you, make the right decision and decide to celebrate at home with friends and family.

3. Overcrowding the public places

Yes, people enjoy going to public places to take in the Aug. 14 festivities with their neighbors. Perhaps all you want to do is window shop or take a leisurely stroll in a nearby park while eating your favorite ice cream. However, given that we are currently dealing with a fatal pandemic, we should be mindful of our movements and ensure that we are not crowding an area.

4. Playing loud music and using musical instruments

When people play loud music, national anthems, etc., to celebrate August 14, it becomes louder and more annoying on the streets and in the homes. Be considerate of one another and try to avoid disturbing your neighbors while celebrating.

Similarly, playing loud musical instruments on roads can get very frustrating and disturbing for the patients or elderly people in the nearby hospitals or homes.

5. Tearing and disrespecting mini flags

What appears to be a piece of paper or fabric is really a miniature flag of your nation. Keep in mind the sacrifices that were made and never lose sight of who you are. This is unquestionably the most crucial factor to consider and should be taken care of by everyone.


In the end, although it is a day of celebration, we should behave more responsibly and should act as mature citizens. This is our country and our forefathers did a lot of struggle for this homeland, we must treat it as a precious asset and set an example for the next generations.

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