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KP Digital Internships Program 2022-23 at IT Board of KPK

KP institutions annually graduate a sizable number of students. However, because they lack the necessary skill set that businesses look for, they are unable to obtain employment. The overall market trend demonstrates that employers typically prefer to hire candidates with professional experience who entice them with their skill sets, capabilities, and experiences and who are anticipated to bring returns on investments and add value to organizations, leaving unemployed recent graduates. 

People who live in KPK should apply for these jobs if they wish to broaden their skill set and knowledge while also earning a respectable salary to cover their costs after graduation or starting their professional careers. Those with prior IT and computer experience will particularly benefit from these positions. The majority of these internship positions are in call centers and software houses. 

An internship program is suggested as part of KPITB’s digital skills and digital economy strategy to give Khyber Pakhtunkhwa graduates in IT, CS, and ICT the chance to strengthen their professional and technical abilities and become qualified to find employment based on those talents. 

Additionally, this program aims to provide human resource support to KP IT Parks’ businesses so they can operate sustainably. Each internship batch lasts for six months. 

What is an internship

An internship is a temporary position that is recruited for. They may be compensated or uncompensated because the intern’s primary goal is to gain experience. Typically, you apply for an internship while pursuing your undergraduate or graduate degree in your subject of interest, and after accepting the position, you work either full- or part-time for a company for one or more months. You can work as an intern during the summer or while taking coursework in a semester or quarter. You may be able to get college credit for some internships.

KP digital internship program

For the Digital Internship Program, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) is accepting applications from KP residents. 

The chosen individuals will work for six months in various software companies in Peshawar and will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs. 30,000. 

Here’s all you need to know about KP internship program:

Eligibility criteria

Candidates must:

  • Have a domicile of KP including merged tribal districts.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 35 on the deadline day.
  • Male and female applicants of either gender are welcome.
  • New immigrants are included in the requirement that the residence be in the KP district.

Reapplication is not permitted for those who have already benefited from the program.

These positions are designed to give young people a place to develop new skills and put the knowledge and expertise they’ve gained over the years to use after graduation or after they’ve finished school. 

The KP internship program requires applicants to have at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Candidates without any prior experience are also eligible to apply for the internship program. We will go through all the specifics of the KP Digital Internship in this post today, so stick with us, read the whole thing, and apply.

Academic requirements

Candidates must have completed 16 years of formal education—or an equal amount—in IT, computer science, software engineering, or a related discipline. Also qualified are graduates from the previous three years. Fresh grads may also apply by providing a certificate of course completion.

Ineligibility criteria

Those who cannot apply for this internship program:

  • People having post-qualification work experience
  • Those who have utilized KPITB’s Digital Internship Program already


The application period for these positions closes on September 30, 2022. For a six-month internship, interested candidates should submit an application to the aforementioned website. This is a legitimate platform that can open many doors of opportunity for those who are willing to succeed in life.

Perks of KP digital internship

  • You will receive a monthly stipend from these jobs of 30,000 Pakistani rupees, which is sufficient for one person.
  • Your abilities will be improved, allowing you to compete in international markets and land jobs at some of the best IT firms in the world.
  • Although the internship only lasts for six months, you will undoubtedly pick up some skills that will help you in the long run.

Purpose of KP digital internship program

The fundamental goal of this internship program is to get young people ready for an improved future. The KPK administration has consistently placed a high priority on youngsters and how they may improve tomorrow through positive means. A student can gain practical experience with the subjects they have been learning about through these internship programs. They will benefit from it and succeed in their practical careers.

How to apply

  • Applications must be submitted online at
  • To take advantage of the chance and benefit from these internship opportunities, applications must be submitted by September 30.

Internship opportunity at Abbottabad call centers

The requirement for this internship opportunity is a Bachelor’s degree in any subject or field or at least 14 years of educational experience. 

Internship opportunity at Peshawar call centers

The requirement for this internship opportunity is Bachelor’s degree in any subject or field or at least 14 years of educational experience. 

Internship opportunity at Abbottabad software houses

The eligibility criteria for this internship opportunity is 16 years of education in any computer-related subject, such as IT, computer science, or software engineering, or a master’s degree in that subject.

Internship opportunity at Peshawar software houses

The eligibility criteria for this internship opportunity is 16 years of education in any computer-related subject, such as IT, computer science, or software engineering, or a master’s degree in that subject.

Benefits of internships

An internship is a fantastic way to learn more about a field or job you might be interested in. You may decide if taking an internship is the best line of action for you by understanding the advantages of doing one.

Following are some of the benefits of internship programs:

  • Get knowledge of concerns and situations that may not be covered in textbooks.
  • Develop your creativity and adaptability in a dynamic environment.
  • increase employer marketability Before graduation, only 30% of graduating seniors typically get job offers; however, after completing an internship, that number increases to 58%.
  • Prior to deciding to work full-time, consider specific businesses or careers—a “try before you buy” type of experience.
  • Make it easier to go from being a student to starting a job.
  • Expand career prospects within a business for quicker advancement and expansion.
  • Gain more self-assurance at work while expanding your network of colleagues and professionals.

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