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The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, led by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has chosen to start the Billion Tree Plus project in response to the Billion Tree Tsunami project’s success.

Details indicate that CM KP Ali Amin Gandapur gave the officials instructions on Friday to complete the project’s preparations while presiding over a meeting in Peshawar.

Prominent government figures attended the gathering, among them Provincial Minister for Forests Fazal Hakim. The Chief Minister was informed by officials at the discussion on a variety of topics, including the department’s performance, goals, and administrative affairs.

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The authorities were given the task of coming up with a plan to stop cutting trees and boost income for the department. “Increase the amount of fines to a level that surpasses the price of the wood obtained from the cutting of trees,” Gandapur ordered.

In order to prevent the smuggling of lumber, he also ordered the installation of CCTV cameras at every checkpoint.

The CM stated, “After all, forests are the province’s assets that we have to pass on to our future generations.” He noted that his government’s first goal is forest conservation.

According to Chief Minister Gandapur, increasing the forest area would help the government lessen the negative effects of climate change.

Additionally, representatives of the Wildlife Department were given instructions to create an action plan and make suggestions for promoting fisheries in the province.

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