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This week marks the launch of thirty electric buses that arrived in Islamabad last month.

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The inauguration ceremony is scheduled for Friday. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) confirmed these buses will run on two routes. The Interior Minister or the Prime Minister may attend the July 5 ceremony. 

An official engaged in the event of the new buses launch stated that the Interior Minister will probably launch this bus service and that inauguration preparations are now being processed. 

With the arrival of 70 more electric buses from Karachi, CDA intends to increase the number of buses in its fleet in Islamabad. After manufacture, another sixty buses will be shipped from China.

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The buses will serve two routes: PIMS to Bari Imam and NUST to PIMS. The G-11, G-10, G-9, and G-8 Markaz are on the NUST to PIMS route. There are thirteen stations along the way, and a bus arrives every ten minutes. 

The Diplomatic Enclave, Melody Market, Aabpara Market, Ataturk Road, Serena Hotel, Foreign Office, Radio Pakistan, and G-7 and G-6 are all on the PIMS to Bari Imam route. 

There will be 11 routes with 130 buses that connect the rural and urban districts. The National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC), a part of the Ministry of Defence and CDA’s contractor, owns these buses. The contractor will receive logistical support from CDA and receive payment for the buses at a rate of between Rs. 306 and Rs. 331 per kilometer. 

The Convention Centre, where the CDA has set up a charging station with six charging stations, will initially be the hub for 30 buses. At the H-9 metro depot, a charging station has been set up for the 70 buses that are arriving from Karachi. Within a few days after the first 30 buses go into service, an official stated that 70 more will follow. Additionally, CDA is building bus depots at Taramri, I-9, and Zero Point. 

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif instructed the CDA to introduce new bus services on 13 routes during his last term in office. As a result, the organization worked with the NRTC to purchase electric buses from a foreign manufacturer in China.

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