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Operations Against Illegal Constructions of Buildings by CDA

ISLAMABAD, September 17, 2022- Directorate of Building Control South CDA  carried out a sealing operation against illegal constructions.

Buildings in National Police Foundation (NPF) O-9, Islamabad that were in violation of the ICT Building Control Regulations 2020 were sealed off by the Directorate of Building Control South CDA. In accordance with the instructions of the Honorable Islamabad High Court, representatives from the Enforcement Directorate, CDA, and ICT Administration also took part in the operation. Participants in the operation included Deputy Director Ashraf Shahid, Assistant Director Abdul Qadir Jilani, Building Inspectors Rizwan, Saleem, and Sajid. Along with CDA employees, a police contingent participated in the operation. Operations against illegal constructions in Islamabad will continue without fail until the removal of violations of Authority bylaws. In the event of noncompliance and repeated violations, strict legal action will also be taken.

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