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6 September Celebrated As Defense Day in Pakistan

In the face of difficulties, living nations recover stronger and more resiliently. When the enemy challenged our survival in the 1965 War, the Pakistani nation stood out as well, being strong and resolute. 

The Defence Day is celebrated annually on September 6 to raise awareness among younger generations of how the Pakistani armed forces, who had the support of the entire country, successfully repelled the Indian invaders, even after 57 years had passed since the sneaky and treacherous Indian attack.

The 6th of September is a special day that allows us to honor our heroes, the Ghazis and Shuhada, as well as the valiant armed forces as a whole, who have always represented the hope and pride of our country. We honor the brave sons of the soil who sacrificed their precious life to protect their nation. We honor the Shuhada family for sacrificing their loved ones to protect the homeland.

What Happened on 6th September, 1965? 

The entire country rallied to Pakistan’s defence on September 6 when India began an unannounced war against it. India attacked Pakistan through Lahore by crossing the international border without giving advance notice or making a formal declaration of war. By doing so, India, which asserts to be the largest democracy in the world, gravely and flagrantly violated both the international U.N. charter and all accepted standards of diplomatic conduct. India has rather brazenly and arrogantly ignored all international obligations in its aim to enslave the other nations of the region.

Our troops repulsed an invasion by India on Lahore, causing severe casualties for the assailants. The courageous fighters of the Pakistan Air Force helped the officers and jawans of the Pakistan Army, who were defending on the ground, to blunt the Indian attack and force it back.

Many people who saw the incredible display of high morale and enthusiasm in the air during the dogfight of PAF Sabers chasing the Indian aircraft above Lahore, still vividly recall the incident. After that, until September 23, 1965, when the conflict was finally resolved thanks to the Soviet Union’s mediation efforts, Indian planes barely dared to target Lahore during the days the war was still in process.

The already zealous armed forces were inspired by such a show of national unity to continue their daring, historically unprecedented battle against the enemy. The brave commanders, pilots, and sailors showed the rest of the world that they are always prepared to defend their country at all costs. They fiercely fought without regard for their own safety, and defended the homeland with extreme sacrifice.

 The entire country became a solid, second defence line resembling a rock during the 1965 war, extending and supporting the armed forces as they were tasked with defending geographic frontiers on land, in the air, and at sea.

 President Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan was in charge of the country’s affairs at the time, and everyone was inspired by his speech following the cunning Indian attack on Radio Pakistan. The national priorities had thus become very clear and unmistakable in those days; any threat to the homeland demanded unification and unwavering support for the government and the military forces, and it was forthcoming in a very powerful and unyielding manner.

In all truth, Pakistan had triumphed over India in a 17-day war in September 1965, emerging as a powerful, self-assured country that was really proud of its people and its armed forces. In the face of peril and invasion from India, the country had shown the greatest degree of unity among its rank and file. It is asserted quite properly that national unity and unwavering support for the armed forces in the field are necessary for our country to win the war.

How Defense Day is Celebrated Across Pakistan?

Every year, defence day is celebrated with great zeal and zest in multiple ways. Some of the ways in which Pakistanis acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices of the heroes are as follows:

‘Change of Guards’ Ceremony 

At the Mazar-e-Quaid and Iqbal’s Mausoleum, an annual ritual known as the “Change of Guards” is held where new cadets from the Pakistan Armed Forces take on guard duty in place of their comrades.

Parades and Air Shows 

Every year, the Pakistan Army exhibits its newest weaponry, tanks, missiles, and planes as part of the celebrations for Defence Day, which normally follow a consistent theme. Parades and air shows are held at various venues in numerous cities. Other well-known locales are Malir Cantt in Karachi, GHQ in Rawalpindi, and Karnal Sher Khan Stadium in Peshawar. Given that Pakistan’s fighter jets are among the greatest in the world, the air display should not be missed.

TV Shows 

You have the choice to watch Defence Day celebrations in Pakistan live from the comfort of your home in addition to going to the parades in person. The festivities are streamed live on all major news channels. In addition, special documentaries with active-duty or retired officers are aired to preserve the spirit of sacrifice and patriotism. A playlist of patriotic anthems, historical descriptions of September 6, 1965, and the War of 1965 are also frequently incorporated into the mix each year.

Sales and Discounts 

The commercial sector in Pakistan celebrates Defence Day with vigor, many brands offer discounts, specials, and exclusive goods in shades of green and white, which stand in for our national flag.

Famous clothing, technology, and furnishings firms around the nation have also announced special discounts for Defence Day. While some retailers opt to announce sales in advance, others prefer to do so the day of the sale. 

In either case, most sales run three days, giving customers plenty of time to shop to their hearts’ content. You may get more information on the most recent Defence Day promotions and discounts by visiting the social media profiles of your favorite brands.


With the continuous blessings of Almighty Allah, we mark Defence of Pakistan Day on September 6 both now and in the future, but it should also be observed as a day of thankfulness. We should all be praying for Pakistan’s safety, security, and solidarity and asking Almighty Allah’s continuous blessings to grant the strength, courage, commitment, and determination to continue protecting and securing at all costs and making all sacrifices, the freedom and honor of Pakistan, in keeping with the spirit and national unity displayed during the September War.

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