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Karachi: Former Pakistan cricket team captain Younis Khan is confident about the national team’s prospects in the world cup 2024. He said that the team combination of Pakistan is perfect. He led the team in a 2009 historic T20 World Cup win.

Team Combination and Strategy

When speaking at the Karachi Press Club, Younis praised the current Pakistan team combination. He said, “The team combination is good.” He advised trying out several techniques in upcoming games to choose the ideal strategy for the World Cup 2024. Before the world cup 2024, Younis suggested evaluating the players who were left in the series against England to have a clear image. 

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India vs Pakistan Match

Younis highlighted the special pressure of the India vs. Pakistan game. “India vs. Pakistan is always a fifty-fifty game,” he said. He pointed out that players’ nerves are tested as much as their abilities in a match, even if one side looks better on paper. “The team that handles the pressure better will likely win,” he stated. 

Younis emphasized the need for Pakistan and India to have regular cricket series. He claimed that players would be less stressed if more games were played. “Players from both teams enjoy very cordial relationships,” he said. To lessen the intensity of these matches in world cup 2024, he urged the administrations and cricket boards of both countries to start regular series. 

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Potential Match-Winners

Younis highlighted the Pakistan team combination, versatility and flexibility. He said the team includes good bowlers, batsmen, and all-arounders in every position. “We have all the ingredients; it’s about using them properly,” he said. 

Advice for Babar Azam

Younis advised Babar Azam, the current captain, to set an example. “Babar Azam is a talented player who is playing well. He needs to take the initiative and concentrate on the group’s performance as a whole,” he remarked. In addition to focusing on his own, he asked Babar to assist other players in performing well and maintain a good Pakistan team combination.

Take Advantage of Pakistan Team Combination in World Cup 2024

Younis underlined the crucial role of Pakistan team combination and team work in the World Cup 2024. He said not all players should be expected to play aggressively. “Everyone has to play their part, whether they are young or experienced,” he stated. When batting first, he emphasized the importance of keeping the momentum throughout the innings and aiming for big runs. 

Younis concluded by stating that the team must continue to strive for high scores and put in a solid effort during the match in order to play well in the World Cup 2024. 

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