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January 28, 2019 (APP): Amidst approximately 190 countries participating in the renowned “Travel and Adventure Show” in New York, Pakistan’s pavilion emerged victorious with the “Best In-Show – International Tourism Development” title. Masood Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, opened the pavilion showcasing Pakistan’s tourism potential and remarked, “We are proud that our Pakistan Pavilion won the Best-in-Show International Travel and Adventure Show.”

The event was held on January 27 and 28. Over 550 of the world’s best vacation destinations, tour operators, cruise lines, and travel agencies are taking part in the event.

Pakistan’s Consulate General in New York, the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), and private businesses have all worked together to establish the Pakistan Pavilion. 

Aamer Ahmed Atozai, the consul general of Pakistan in New York, Ghulam Muhammad, the minister of tourism for Gilgit Baltistan, and Raja Nasir Ali Khan, the former minister for tourism, were present.

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Pakistan is represented at the Travel and Adventure Show by a 60-person delegation that includes representatives from the PTDC, TDAP, and 24 private-sector businesses. Live demonstrations of lacquer woodworking and traditional doll-making by Pakistani artists are included in the Travel & Adventure Show. It is exhibiting the varied tourism potential of the country. 

Ambassador Masood Khan told reporters, “Travel and Adventure Show is a fantastic show, and many countries and tour operators are present here.”

He claimed that “the world is taking a keen interest in Pakistan’s tourism market, especially in adventure and eco-tourism.” 

“Pakistan has enormous unrealized tourism potential and the most stunning, unexplored tourist destinations.” 

It was noted that the Travel & Adventure Show, which has been running for more than 19 years and 118 completed events, has linked thousands of travel media, over 2.5 million travelers, and over 15,000 distinct travel advisors with over 4,500 different exhibiting companies from around the world, influencing over $6 billion in travel reservations.

Ambassador Masood Khan extended an invitation to the attendees to travel to Pakistan so they could witness the timeless splendor of the country’s historic cities and breathtaking natural features, which range from snow-capped peaks to immaculate seaside regions. 

Wasi Shah, State Minister for Tourism and Chairman of the Pakistan Tourism Development Council, complimented the organizers for their efforts in arranging for the attendance of all regions of Pakistan at the Pavilion in his message on this special occasion.

He anticipated that his efforts would make a significant difference in drawing more foreign tourists to Pakistan. I will help the country realize its tourism potential and improve its reputation. 

Consul General Aamar Ahmed Atozai addressed the media on the occasion. He stated that Pakistan’s involvement in the event would help draw in more tourists.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recently named Pakistan a top travel destination. UNTWO cited a 115% increase in foreign visitor arrivals. Also, they estimate that foreign earnings will reach USD 1.3 billion by the end of 2023. 

John Golicz, the CEO and founder of the Travel and Adventure Show, expressed gratitude for the remarkable group of tour operators and experts from Pakistan during the announcement of the Best In-show award for Pakistan in the field of international tourism growth.

An excellent venue for networking with tourists from prominent domestic and international vacation locations, tour operators, cruise lines, and travel suppliers is the annual Vacation & Adventure Show in New York. 

The visiting Pakistani delegation was later honored with a dinner by Pakistan’s Consul General in New York, Aamer Ahmad Atozai. Among those in attendance were Ambassador Masood Khan, Minister of State for Tourism & Youth Affairs, GB Ghulam Muhammad, Minister for Planning, GB Raja Nasir, and other members of the delegation.

Ambassador Masood Khan stated, “Pakistan’s cultural richness beckons our Pakistani community worldwide.” “Invest in the burgeoning tourism industry and support the natural beauty of your homeland. Let’s present Pakistan to the world as a team. 

He emphasized the importance of showcasing the nation’s tourism potential and stated that preparations were being made to ensure that arriving visitors had access to all the infrastructure and amenities they would require.

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