Pakistan to Launch Multi-Mission Communication Satellite This Month

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PakSAT-MM-1, a new satellite, is scheduled to launch on May 30 from Pakistan. Suparco in Pakistan and the Aerospace Industry in China worked together to create this satellite. This multi-mission communication satellite aims to improve connectivity and communication within Pakistan. 

China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Centre will be the launch site for PakSAT-MM-1. It is intended to enhance Pakistan’s socioeconomic development and space technology advancement through the use of cutting-edge communication technologies. 

The Pakistan satellite launch will benefit the telecom industry by offering faster internet and improved connectivity. As the country moves toward becoming a Digital Pakistan, the capabilities of this multi-mission communication satellite will help. 

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In addition, Pakistan recently made history on May 3 with the launch of ICUBE-Q, its first lunar mission. The Institute of Space Technology in Islamabad designed a 7kg satellite for this mission, which was carried out in collaboration with Chang’E6 in China.

The successful acquisition and transmission of photos from the moon’s surface by ICUBE-Q represents a noteworthy accomplishment for Pakistan’s space program.

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