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Pros and Cons of Having a Basement

Homes in Pakistan are increasingly lacking basements. But what if you could add one when building a new house or purchase one that has one already? Would or ought a basement be something you included in your home improvement budget? Whether the benefits and drawbacks of basements favor you will depend on your situation.

Pros and Cons of Basement 

There are many pros and cons of having a basement in the house. To make the best possible decision, it is necessary to look at both sides of the picture. 

Pros of Basement 

Buying a house with a basement or building a basement while constructing a new house can provide you with several advantages. Some of these are as follows: 

Extra Storage Space 

The first and most significant benefit of having a basement is that it gives you extra storage space without taking up any additional room inside or outside. It’s an entirely new floor that may be added to your floor plan and used in a variety of ways.

Extra Living Space 

You give yourself the choice of having extra living space now or in the future if you choose to incorporate a basement in your custom house plan. When building the home, you have the option of finishing the basement and converting it into a second bedroom, office space, or amusement area.

In the event of bad weather, your home’s basement can provide you with a secure location to seek shelter. You can take refuge in the basement during severe storms or when a tornado warning has been issued until the threat has passed.

Better Use of The Land

As was already mentioned, basements increase the size of your property without taking away from the amount of outside area you have. As a consequence, you get more room for your needs, and the same-sized property is employed more effectively thanks to the basement’s existence.

Offers Seasonal Comfort

Because basements are underground, they are frequently built with good insulation. As a result, during Pakistan’s blistering months, they offer a cooler place to repose. You may rest assured that your basement will be cozy and comfortable all year long when winter finally does arrive.

Adaptable Space

A room usually serves a specific purpose when it is added to a house’s floor plan. On the other hand, a basement is one of the most flexible spaces in any house. The upstairs rooms can be made into a storage room, a gym, a home theater, a den, or even a guest bedroom if you need them for your expanding family’s needs. There are several ways to maximize the space in your basement.

Perfect As An Emergency Shelter

Since Pakistan is entirely encircled by land, storms and tornadoes are not typical in the area. However, the benefit of owning one is not diminished by having an emergency shelter in your home in the case of severe weather or political unrest.

Simple Access for Repairs Underground

Sublevel repairs are much simpler with a basement. Send your expert to the basement instead of trying to fix a leaky pipe or a creaky floorboard from above because they will have quick and simple access to the plumbing and wiring systems in your house below.

Ideal for Renting Out

Basements are perfect for retired couples with an excess of leisure time. Rent out the basement as a separate unit to young couples or students looking for affordable housing if you reside on the top floors and it has its own door. You’ll be able to make some extra money from the comfort of your home because the drawings call for adding a basement.

Cons of Basement

Some disadvantages of adding a basement to your house or buying a house with one include the following:

Additional Cost of Construction 

Although technically offering more square footage, homes with basements are frequently more expensive. On the other hand, if you choose to incorporate a basement into your new home, you should be aware that doing so requires digging further into the foundations in order to make room for a second storey. As a result, the cost of labor and building supplies will increase.

Dampness and Moisture Concerns 

The majority of basements are insulated and have a concrete foundation laid in order to ensure that there are fewer complaints about damp walls or high moisture content. However, sunlight is unable to permeate the interior parts of basements since they often lack windows and have restricted access to the outside, leading to wet walls, especially if inferior construction materials were used.

Threats From Flooding

If you reside in an area where flooding and heavy rain are a yearly occurrence, you should refrain from purchasing a home with a basement because basements are the areas of a home that are most susceptible to flooding during Pakistan’s monsoon season.

Inconvenient Furniture Access Routes

As if you were approaching the very center of the house, going down into the basement feels like entering a cave. While a well-furnished basement can be extremely cozy and comfortable, it can be challenging to move large furniture down steep stairs and through narrow hallways to arrange and decorate your basement to your liking.

Higher Levels of Echo and Noise 

The fact that it is underground may lead some people to imagine that it will be the quietest room in the house, but this is not the case. Basements provide great sound acoustics since they are underground, reverberating and amplifying all noises at ground level. They may not be appropriate for a tranquil nap, but they are perfect for a jam session with a band or a home theater system.

Pest Infestation Risk 

Due to their high levels of moisture and limited exposure to sunshine, basements are one of the most preferred hiding places for the creepy crawlies you want to keep out of your home. Start with fumigation if you intend to buy or construct a property with a basement. This will prevent pests from entering the home through the very foundation.

Poor Lighting 

Basements often don’t have much, if any, natural light on the lowest level, not even in daylight basements, which feature tiny windows towards the top of a wall.

Only Professionals Can Construct 

The hardest part of building a basement may be finding the right workers. If you buy a pre-built house, you won’t have to worry about a thing, but if you want to construct a basement, you’ll need the help of technical experts who will do a good job and provide you the best results. Otherwise, the foundations of your house would be unstable.

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