Punjab Raises Vehicle Token Tax Rates in Pakistan

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Punjab tax increase: In a major shakeup, Punjab has updated its vehicle token tax system Rates in Pakistan. Effective July 1st, the annual tax is based on the vehicle’s invoice value instead of engine capacity.

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New Vehicle Tax Rates:

  • 1,000 to 2,000 cc: 0.2% of invoice value
  • Over 2,000 cc: 0.3% of invoice value

Lifetime Token Tax Change:

For vehicles under 1,000 cc, the one-time lifetime token tax has increased from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. However, the subsequent owners within 10 years will receive a 10% annual discount. After 10 years, the standard yearly tax applies.

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Financial Impact:

This shift is expected to impact car owners, especially in the used car market, significantly. Newer, pricier vehicles may see higher taxes.

Policy Objectives:

The Punjab government aims to:

  • Increase tax revenue
  • Promote transparency in vehicle transactions

Potential Challenges:

  • Increased financial burden on vehicle owners, especially for high-value cars
  • Shift in buying behavior towards cheaper vehicles to save on taxes

This reform brings both benefits and disadvantages for Punjab’s car owners.

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