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Director General Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa has directed the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to step up measures against unlawful housing plans.

A representative for the RDA disclosed that a number of people, including Malik Tassawar, Zakir, Malik Riyasat, Asim Aziz, Sheikh Maisam, Idress Awan, Master Zaheer, Syed Samar Shah, Ch Aslam Bani, Qazi Naveed, Haji Abrar, Ch. Hameed, Malik Aslam, Malik Ibrar, Khurram Qayum, Ch. Abid, Raja Tahir, Ch. Yasir, Mr. Kosar, Badar, Anjum Kiyani, and Tahir Madni were among those served with notices from the RDA.

The notices concerned the ownership of eleven unauthorized land subdivisions and two illegal housing schemes. These include Ittehad Town in Mouza Harnal on Mandra Chakwal Road Gujar Khan, Aziz Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd in Mouza Jarary on Jorian to Gahi Syedan Road Rawalpindi, Land Subdivision in Mouza Kallar Budhal Tehsil Kallar Syedan, Land Subdivision in Mouza Mankiyala Stupa Road, Land Subdivision Nazimabad in Mouza Louni Kallar Bypass Road Kallar Syedan, Land Subdivision in Mouza Bagga Sheikhan, Land Subdivision in Mouza Chak Bhatta, Dhamial and Bishandot, Land Subdivision in Mouza Khabal and Sukhoo, Land Subdivision in Mouza Mera Sangal, and two other Land Subdivision.

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The Director MP&TE, he continued, had been instructed by the Director General to take action against illicit marketing and advertising as well as to submit formal complaints against the operators of illicit housing schemes.

In addition, sponsors of unlawful housing schemes were ordered to cease selling their unlicensed and unlawful housing projects right away. They were advised to get in touch with the RDA in order to acquire the required No Objection Certificate (NOC) or permission for their legal schemes.

Strict legal action would be taken against those who disobeyed the restrictions, the spokeswoman said. 

Additionally, he advised the public to check the status of housing projects on the official RDA website at rather than investing in unauthorized or unlawful housing schemes.

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The spokesman emphasized that through unlawful ads, the proprietors and backers of illegal housing schemes were deceiving the public. In order to resolve this matter, the RDA’s Planning Wing asked the FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing to file a lawsuit to stop the dissemination of deceptive and unlawful advertisements endorsing these schemes.

Additionally, M/s Reliable Marketing, a marketing firm, has received a notice from RDA regarding an advertising campaign that features nine illegal housing developments. The representative went on to say that M/s Reliable Marketing received a letter from the MP&TE Directorate of RDA instructing them to cease promoting nine unapproved and illegal housing developments.

New Metro City, Al-Muqeet City, Mega City, Prism City, Sarwar Shaheed Garden, Al-Imran Homes, Al-Imran Garden, Khan Village Housing Society, and Faisal Town Phase-II are among the communities that are included.

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