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Lahore: According to a news source on March 23, the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) has approved Parkview City’s residential project, which spans an amazing 11,000 kanals and is now the city’s largest residential endeavor.

The development’s ambitious ambitions were unveiled by CEO Shoaib Siddiqui at a gala ceremony held at Parkview City, where the approval was announced. With RUDA’s support, Park view City’s residential area has grown to a staggering 31,000 kanals, offering its inhabitants a contemporary, integrated way of life.

One noteworthy aspect of Parkview City’s master plan is the installation of a cutting-edge dancing fountain that draws inspiration from famous Islamabad sites.

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By providing residents with a distinctive recreational area, this expansion seeks to improve the development’s aesthetic appeal.

Along with these new amenities, Parkview City also intends to build schools, a teaching hospital, a business downtown, a botanical garden, and a safari park. These facilities are meant to improve the quality of life and foster a lively neighborhood in Parkview City.

Siddiqui emphasized Parkview City’s commitment to quality and gave residents confidence that the management would stop at nothing to provide them with first-rate amenities. The project is dedicated to providing a cutting-edge residential experience that puts the comfort and well-being of residents first. 

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