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Where to Save Money? Where to Spend Lavishly When Decorating Home

Choosing where to spend money on home decor can be difficult, whether you’re moving into your first apartment, building a house, or remodeling a fixer-upper. When we bought our first house, I had no idea where to start! I appreciate doing my homework to consider ALL of my alternatives before making a decision. Value and quality are equally important; I occasionally save and occasionally invest. Of course, you will have to decide for yourself what is most significant to you.

But I thought I would explain where I have chosen to save and indulge in our house in case you are attempting to find this balance for yourself! Please leave your comments with your ideas. There is no right or wrong response, regardless of whether you have arrived in the same location or somewhere entirely else. Let’s get going!

Where to Splurge 

Are you prepared to invest money on house furnishings? These are some of the things you can treat yourself to.

Comfy Seating 

It may be the most often utilized piece of furniture in your entire home! Therefore, purchasing the best sofa is essential.

It’s where you’ll spend the most time, whether it’s binge-watching Netflix all day or cuddling up for a romantic evening movie, so it’s crucial to spend money on a well-made sofa that offers the most comfort while complementing your taste. If you plan to redecorate or move into a new home, choose a neutral or dark cloth for a look that will last and complement your taste.

Spend on Key Furniture Pieces 

Investing in one or two timeless pieces that will anchor a room is a key! Staple items like a sofa, area rug, accent chairs, or media cabinet will probably be with you for a long time, so it is crucial that they are sturdy and something you adore. Budgeting for them in advance will benefit you in the long run, even if it is an extravagance.

Vintage Décor 

Vintage furniture is a surefire method to give your living area an instant personality boost. If you’ve fallen in love with an antique, be sure you are obtaining a fair price for it, then invest because they endure the test of time and will be items you might retain for the rest of your life.

Invest lavishly in either fine vintage decor or paintings. Those are the items that will really add character and make your living area uniquely yours.


Trays, baskets, boxes, candles, and similar ornamental goods belong to the “decor” camp and as a result, their appeal changes with the seasons. When assembling your collection of decorative trinkets, stick to bargain findings so that you won’t feel bad about replacing one or two items with a trendy new print, finish, or substance. As always, think about incorporating vintage here to lessen the financial effect and produce a more aged aesthetic!

Comfortable Bed 

Your bed and mattress are perhaps the items in your home that deserve a splurge the most out of everything else.

Your bedroom should be your personal haven, a place decorated to represent your individuality and sense of style, and somewhere you can unwind after a demanding day at work. Not to say, nothing can replace a restful night’s sleep. As a result, when it comes to purchasing a bed and mattress, you shouldn’t hesitate to spend your money on high-quality items that will guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep and shield you from backaches.

Other Items in Bedroom 

A nice mattress is a worthwhile investment because we spend a third of our life sleeping!

We hand-make mattresses for our customers utilizing both conventional and cutting-edge techniques. Using only natural materials and skilled craftsmanship, Ensemblier creates custom mattresses. In a bedroom, fabrics may also make a huge difference. Try to make a bedroom as cozy and comfortable as you can. 

A really beautiful bedroom layout includes cozy soft carpet underfoot as you get out of bed in the morning, swathes of fabric for large full curtains, and pools of gentle illumination. Even if you only use a few meters of a truly lovely fabric for a headboard, it would be beneficial to spend extra money on it.

Where to Save 

Are you looking for advice on how to cut costs on home furnishings? Here are a few areas you might cut costs if you’re decorating on a tight budget.

Colorful Pillows and Throws

One of the best low-cost interior design ideas for adding a pop of color to your home is to add throw cushions to your living room. Instead of pursuing luxury furniture shops, large department stores as well as neighborhood fabric and furniture shops frequently have colorful cushion coverings for sale. There is no need to purchase an altogether new set every time you wish to update the décor of your house because the stuffing in the cushions lasts for several years.

Purchasing affordable throw pillows rates #1 if you’re looking for inexpensive methods to beautify your living area. It is suggested that you get them in clashing hues and designs to add some texture to your space. Additionally, you may construct a variety of cushions and pillow coverings at home using old clothes and bed linens.

Shelf Accessories 

By expressing your personality, distinctive decor items can give your room a more customized appearance. But it’s never a smart idea to overspend on table and shelf accessories. You may save a lot of money by only investing in a few statement pieces and acquiring the rest from local merchants rather than blowing your budget on photo frames, vases, scented candles, potted succulents, and other decorative things from well-known brands.

Consider it in this manner. If you spend a lot of money on a certain decorative item, you probably won’t be able to buy a new one for a while. To ensure that your home is fashionable and stylish, you might replace your shelves and coffee table every few months if you bought additional inexpensive décor pieces.

Bathroom Tiles 

Tiles, paneling, or even just paint on the walls might be a simple location to cut costs. Paint is your friend when money is very limited. Use it to instantly inject individuality into a space that would otherwise be very clinical and uninteresting. Groove paneling at waist height in a bathroom is more cost-effective. This is a cost-effective alternative to tiling and adds a nice textured element to what may otherwise be very rigid surfaces.

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