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Why Real Estate Investment is Trending in 2022?

Gone are the days when a family could make ends meet on a single income. Things seem to be out of control, and people are looking for timely investment options that can ensure a higher return on investment

Do you know that no other investment can give you as much control and power as a real estate investment?  You might be wondering, how? Here’s your answer;

When you invest in real estate, you have complete control over the entire process. Everything is up to you; from the approach, you want to use to the real estate marketing agency you want to work with. You also have the option of screening tenants and renting solely to those that meet your criteria.

Stuck at home during COVID-19, with no shopping malls, restaurants, or cinemas open, we have been spending more of our lives online.

COVID-19 Has Digitalized The World

COVID-19 has digitalized the world and has totally transformed the ways how businesses work. With this technological revolution, house hunting has also gone digital.

Why Real Estate Has Become A Top Trend in Pakistan?

Buying and selling property has become so popular in Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan has the largest population of young people. The youth of Pakistan is increasingly becoming independent with substantial wealth and is very much interested in real estate investments. 

Millennials and Gen Z has been looking out to turn the technology for exploring profit-yielding investments and this served as a surge in Pakistan’s real estate industry. 

Real estate clients are looking for properties and market pricing because they want to put their money into the greatest possible investments. Property investment has now become a business in Pakistan. 

Because other industries and businesses are not reaping big profits, investors are actively participating in the real estate sector to gain profits.

After agriculture, real estate is Pakistan’s second-greatest source of employment. Apart from direct employment, it boosts demand in over 400 other industries, ranging from construction to financial services.

Over a hundred different industries are intertwined with Pakistan’s real estate market. Together with the construction industry, the real estate boom will have a positive impact on a wide range of businesses. Investors from around the world and the local community can put their money to good use here.

Real Estate VS Stock Market

Multiple reasons make real estate a better investment opportunity than the stocks;  

Low-Risk Factor 

Real estate offers higher returns with less volatility than the stock market. The stock market is far more volatile than the real estate market. Stock prices can fluctuate much more quickly than real estate prices.

Value Growth Over Time 

Your land and your home will always have worth. Other investments, such as stocks, can leave you with little to no actual asset worth if they drop to zero at any point.

A Constant Source of Income 

Home values and rentals frequently rise with inflation, making real estate ownership a good barrier against inflation than stocks. 

No Risky Tax Legislations

Last but not least, there are various tax advantages to real estate investing. Cash flow from investment properties, operating expenses and charges, property taxes, insurance, depreciation, and other perks are all eligible for tax deductions. You cannot enjoy such tax advantages in the stock market. 

Property Investment and ROI in Pakistan 

Real estate has been a popular investment option for a long time and is regarded as one of the safest and most profitable investment options.

Passive income, predictable cash flow, tax advantages, diversification, and leverage are all advantages of real estate investing.

Because under-construction developments take time to complete, an investor can reserve a property for only 10-20% of the total cost, with the remainder paid in stages or according to the developer’s payment plan.

If you want to know about the best housing projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi that are worth making investments in, Al Sadat Marketing has got you covered! 

You can generate monthly cash flow by renting out real estate if you buy and hold it, which boosts the benefits of owning real estate because you aren’t dependent solely on appreciation but also on monthly rental revenue.

It’s one of the simplest assets to pass down through the generations. Many people appreciate the ability to leave their property to their children in their wills. 

Make Your Life Easier with Property Investments 

Real estate investment contributes to a happy greater community. Investors believe that the only advantages of real estate are the return on investment, consistent monthly income, and passive income. Real estate is about much more than just making money.

The community is affected by property investments. You put money into bettering people’s housing conditions, earning tax income, and growing the town. It implies you’re not only making money for yourself but also assisting other investors with long-term living arrangements.

If you desire instant passive income, you can invest in rental homes, which are nearly tax-free and give passive income from the first month. So, there is no danger involved, and one can simply get passive income by investing once, and the greatest part is that the value of the property continues to rise with very little risk of depreciation, making this niche one of the best investment options.

Predictions for the Real Estate Industry in 2022

Investing in property in Pakistan is on the rise. Expect a major economic shift in 2022. Covid19 has had an impact on nearly every industry in the country. There was a lot of uncertainty in the economy at the time. Despite this, Pakistani investors in real estate continue to make purchases and build their portfolios. Many investors took advantage of the low-interest-rate environment by making real estate investments.

Everyone hopes and prays that the new year will not be as chaotic as the last one. Investment in Pakistan’s real estate sector is expected to increase significantly in 2022, according to real estate analysts. Commercial and residential real estate values have steadily increased, which has contributed to this increase in demand in part. There’s also a substantial payback on investment. If you waited four to five years to invest, you could expect to see good returns. Investors are increasingly drawn to these factors.

As a result, the real estate market is expected to grow significantly in 2022. People are more inclined to view future housing projects as an investment. Also, hold onto it as an investment property that you can sell at a profit later on.


As the market price of the property in Pakistan rises rapidly, more Pakistanis are becoming aware of these considerations and working hard to save the majority of their income and invest it in the property.

To summarize, rising property market prices, high inflation, rising building expenses, the engagement of investors in real estate, and strong population growth are key factors persuading Pakistanis to purchase real estate nowadays. Otherwise, kids may have a difficult time purchasing their own dream home in the future.

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