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World Poetry Day

Introduction to World Poetry Day 2024

Poetry has the power to inspire others. It can change one’s perspective about the world. Also, it improves interpersonal relationships. It plays a vital role in promoting peace.

However, many people think this art is dying day by day. It is because of advanced ways of expressing artistic and beautiful ideas.

When is World Poetry Day?

People observe World Poetry Day on March 21st each year. The primary purpose of this day is to promote language diversity through poetry. 

The day raises awareness of the value of poetic means and provides a platform for endangered languages to be heard.

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What is the Purpose of Celebrating World Poetry Day 2024?

World Poetry Day aims to celebrate the sentiments that poetry may create. It also establishes meaningful connections and improves ideas about many cultures and historical periods.

In addition to honouring poets, World Poetry Day seeks to foster poetry reading, writing, and teaching. Also, it promotes reviving oral poetry recital traditions. This day serves as a platform to highlight the ways in which poetry and other forms of art converge and increase poetry’s presence in the media. These forms of art include music, theatre, and painting.

When Was the First World Poetry Day Invented?

This day was first invented by UNESCO in 1999 at its 30th General Conference in Paris. 

The original UNESCO statement says the day was intended to “give fresh recognition and energy to national, regional, and international poetry movements.”

How to Celebrate World Poetry Day 2024?

By reading some poetry, you can honor World Poetry Day. Check out the poetry of authors like Ezra Pound, John Keats, William Wordsworth, and Sylvia Plath. Attending a poetry class at a college or going to a spoken word event can assist you in catching up on the latest poets on the stage.

You can do many more fun activities to honor World Poetry Day. Consider watching a poetry reading instead of reading a poem. Today, we have access to various videos on the websites like YouTube. Hence, it is easy to discover a poetry reading that you enjoy. A poem is quite powerful when read aloud, especially by the poets themselves. It raises the words’ level of meaning profundity to an entirely new level. We suggest readings of authors such as Jay Bernard and Hera Lindsay Bird. They are amazing!

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World Poetry Day is a great chance for parents to introduce their kids to poetry. It is the best opportunity to show them the joy and excitement that poetry can provide. Not all poetry is serious, after all! Poetry can make us laugh, mainly when it employs puns and clever wordplay.

There are many amazing poetry books available, especially for kids. We suggest Roger McGough’s Poetry Pie. It has more than fifty humorous poems. Kit Wright’s Cat Among the Pigeons and Brian Patten’s Gargling with Jelly are two other excellent choices.

On World Poetry Day 2024, why not write your own poem? To enjoy composing poetry, you don’t have to be on the level of Shakespeare! It is totally up to you whether or not you choose to share your poems with others. Don’t worry if you’re feeling stuck. If this is your first time writing a poem, it may feel a little intimidating! It is wise to begin with a specific objective in mind. Think about the goal that you want to attain by writing a poem.

You can find some helpful resources by searching through the many fascinating books and videos available online about creating poems. Finding a strategy that works for you when writing a poem is crucial. Also, hearing about various approaches from other people can be beneficial. There is no right or wrong way to compose a poem or to start the process.

Famous Poets From Pakistan

Poetry has a very long history in Pakistan. One falls in love with the beautiful word choices and the captivating delivery of Pakistani poets.

Despite the rise and fall of numerous Pakistani poets, their amazing poetry endures in our hearts and memories. Some of the most famous Pakistani poets who have attracted readers with magical words and provocative ideas include:

  • Allama Iqbal
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz 
  • Ahmad Faraz
  • Jaun Eliya
  • Munir Niazi 
  • Nasir Kazmi

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Why World Poetry Day 2024 Is Important?

Poetry Inspire Everyone

People sometimes hesitate to try poetry because they believe it can be hard to understand. But don’t be afraid—you can find a poem online! Do you want to take a break from life and simplify things a bit? Read Henry David Thoreau’s writings. Do you need to read anything about success in the face of hardship? Consider reading Maya Angelou. Do you need a little fun to bring back memories of your youth? View Shel Silverstein’s work.

Poetry is Everywhere

Are you a music lover? You must be a secret poetry fan! Poetry has a cadence and rhythm similar to your favourite rap or pop music. Songs, like poetry, have deeper meanings and emotional messages when they have a few extra beats and melodies. They even use many of the same creative devices, such as alliteration and metaphors.

It Makes a New and Emerging Poets

Schools all over the world take time on World Poetry Day to honor poems and poets. Teachers ignite the interest of their students in the genre. They organize poetry readings, slams, and contests to provide a platform for new and emerging poets to show their skills and work to the world.


To sum up, World Poetry Day 2024 honors the elegance and power of poetry to uplift, inspire, and connect people all across the world. It inspires people to explore many poetry traditions. Also, it encourages linguistic diversity and values the creativity of poets. Let’s keep elevating and promoting poetry as an art form, making it approachable and entertaining for everyone.

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What is World Poetry Day?

Every year on March 21st, the world observes World Poetry Day. This day honors poetry, encourages linguistic diversity, and increases public awareness of its importance.

Why is World Poetry Day 2024 Celebrated?

World Poetry Day 2024 is celebrated to:

  • Honor the sentiments that poetry creates
  • Foster connections between cultures
  • Encourages poetry reading, writing, and teaching

When Was World Poetry Day First Established?

At its 30th General Conference in Paris in 1999, UNESCO established World Poetry Day. The goal was to honor and ignite national, regional, and global poetry movements.

How Can I Celebrate World Poetry Day?

You can celebrate World Poetry Day by:

  • Reading poetry
  • Attending poetry classes or events
  • Watching poetry readings
  • Introducing children to poetry
  • Writing your own poem
  • Exploring poetry resources online

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