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World Soil Day 2023

Introduction to World Soil Day

Every year on December 5, the world observes World Soil Day. This day serves as an effective platform to raise awareness about the importance of soil and how it supports life on Earth. World Soil Day was founded by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. This day aims to draw the attention of the world to the critical role that soil plays in promoting environmental sustainability, food security, and biodiversity. Additionally, this day aims to inspire people to take practical actions for maintaining and improving soil health on a national and local level.

What is World Soil Day?

Celebrated on, December 5, the purpose of World Soil Day is to raise awareness of the inherent worth of soil. This day serves as a platform to tell people the critical roles of soil in many facets of human existence. It provides an exceptional opportunity to bring people from all over the world together for the same goal. This goal includes preserving the basis that our societies, agriculture, and ecosystems depend on.

On this day, many conferences, events, and educational activities are planned globally. All these activities are done to promote awareness about the significance of soil conservation. This day is warmly celebrated by local communities as well as internationally. The primary objective is to engage people from all walks of life in the conversation about maintaining soil health for the betterment of our planet and future generations. 

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History of World Soil Day

World Soil Day was established on December 5, 2012. On this day, it was declared an official observance by the United Nations. However, the celebration started back in 2015. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations realized this year that there should be a day dedicated specifically to addressing problems concerning soil.

This decision to celebrate World Soil Day on December 5 was not made at random. This date links to the birthday of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is well-known for his continuous efforts to manage the country’s soil resources. This connection gives the day additional symbolic meaning by emphasizing the significance of healthy soil on a global scale and the necessity of collective effort.

The Significance of Soil

Soil, the complex and dynamic ecosystem, supports a wide range of life forms. They may include bacteria, plants, and animals. It contributes significantly to Earth’s biodiversity and works as a natural habitat. Beyond its biological significance, soil serves as a foundation for our agricultural systems. It is responsible for supplying the nutrients required for plant development and food production.

World Soil Day Theme 2023 

Soil and Climate

Environmental sustainability is greatly dependent on the complex interaction between soil and climate. By storing carbon dioxide, healthy soils primarily serve as carbon sinks. As a result, they reduce the effects of climate change. World Soil Day 2023 theme “soil and climate”, plays a vital role in improving soil resilience to climate variability. Additionally, it will assist in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it will encourage carbon sequestration.

  • Stop Soil Erosion, Save Our Future

Soil erosion is a severe problem that affects millions of hectares of arable land around the world. This theme of World Soil Day emphasizes the urgency of addressing soil erosion and adopting sustainable land management practices. Soil erosion must be prevented to keep soil fertility high. Also, it is crucial to keep the water quality pure, and food security intact. 

  • Keep Soil Alive, Protect Soil Biodiversity

Several ecosystem services are powered by soil biodiversity. These services include carbon sequestration, pest management, and nutrient cycling. Many human activities are largely affecting soil health. Hence, the World Soil Day theme emphasizes the necessity of preserving and enhancing soil biodiversity. Agroecology, reforestation, and sustainable agricultural practices all contribute greatly to the preservation of a robust and healthy soil ecosystem.

  • Investing in Soil for a Sustainable Future

This theme emphasizes the value of funding sustainable soil management techniques. It is established to acknowledge the long-term advantages of soil conservation. Governments, corporations, and individuals are all urged to support the programs organized to promote this theme. These programs are crucial to improving soil health, such as research and development of cutting-edge technology, guidance on sustainable farming methods, and policies that reward soil conservation.


World Soil Day 2023 is an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and nations to highlight soil health and collaborate on sustainable land management. As we commemorate this day, let us take a moment to appreciate the crucial part that soil plays in sustaining life. Also, we should consider the effects that our daily decisions have on the condition of this priceless resource. 

By implementing the above-mentioned ethical and sustainable practices, we can ensure that future generations inherit a planet with rich biodiversity, healthy ecosystems, and fertile soils.


Q1.What Will be the Soil Day 2023 Theme?

The theme for 2023 is “Water and soil, the sources of life”.

Q2. Who Founded World Soil Day?

World Soil Day was organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). 

Q3. How Can We Celebrate World Soil Day 2023?

Educate people and communities about the significance of the soil and how it affects the life on earth. Take your children to a nearby community garden or school to educate them on how to prepare the soil for the winter months. It will help them to gain the necessary knowledge about soil.

Q4. What Term Does Science Use to Describe Soil?

The term “pedosphere” refers to all of the soil on Earth. 

Q5. What is the Main Function of Soil?

Soil regulates the natural cycles of air, water, and mineral and organic matter. 

Q6. What is the World Soil Day 2023 Slogan?

World Soil Day is observed with 560 activities in over 100 countries. This year, “Halt soil salinization, boost soil productivity” is the FAO’s campaign topic.

Q7. How Much Air is in the Soil?

Soil is dynamic and highly complicated. But, to give a rough estimate, about 45% of soil is made up of minerals, 5% is made up of organic matter, 20–30% is water, and 20–30% is air. 

Q8. What is the PH Value of Soil?

Soils can be categorized based on their pH level, which ranges from 6.5 to 7.5—neutral. over 7.5—alkaline. less than 6.5 is classified as acidic, and soils that have a pH of less than 5.5 are deemed highly acidic.

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