YouTube adds watermark to shorts to discourage cross posting

It’s not unusual to scroll through your social media feed and see TikToks that have been cross-posted to Instagram as Reels (before everything eventually ends up on YouTube). The creator’s work may have already been viewed on the original platform, but most people don’t appear to mind the recurrence. 


The situation with developers is different, and there have already been initiatives to watermark movies in order to prevent cross-posting.


With its rapid expansion, TikTok appears to be putting a strain on all of its rivals; most recently, all social applications that entered the short-form video market after TikTok’s introduction have begun to compete on the basis of content. Due to this competition, practically all social media sites have implemented rules that forbid the use of content that has previously been published elsewhere, thereby reducing cross-platform sharing.


The first to do so was Facebook, which updated its app and set a limit on how many times films with a TikTok watermark could be seen. The king of video sharing, YouTube, has entered the competition. 

 With a recent upgrade, it is clear that YouTube does not want you to share Shorts on competing social media sites without giving them credit.

Youtube watermark

To deal with cross posting on other video sharing platforms especially Tik Tok, YouTube Shorts is introducing a watermarking tool. As a result, when producers upload a short video to YouTube, they won’t be able to take it and share it on other platforms without adding the YouTube watermark.


To increase engagement, social media creators like to share their material on a variety of channels. Sharing the same movie on different platforms makes more sense than having to start over every time. The goal of YouTube’s most recent update is to encourage users to return to the original source of their favorite content.

The platform wants to be acknowledged as the source when producers use its technology to produce a video. TikTok has functioned the same way for years, leaving its iconic red and blue watermark on any video downloaded from the app. Since TikTok’s watermark features the creator’s handle, viewers who see the downloaded video on another app will be gently redirected to TikTok. Additionally, the watermark bounces around the screen, making it impossible to simply trim a video to remove it.


Instagram Reels, which is owned by Meta, has advanced things in an effort to compete with TikTok. Instagram has made it clear that material with a watermark from another app will be suppressed by its algorithm. In order to publish the same content across many platforms without worrying about watermarks, serious artists should edit films using third-party tools from businesses like Adobe.

What is a watermark

An image that appears on top of your video is a watermark. Although its size is up to you, it’s usually situated in the bottom-right corner of the video to give it a polished appearance as you brand it. It might be a logo, text, website address, or any other unique picture you want to use to effectively mark your videos.

Apart from youtube watermark, you can also add your own watermark to your content and videos. 

The significance of your own watermark on videos

YouTube’s online environment is now more disorganized than ever. Here are a few reasons why including a watermark in your YouTube videos may be beneficial:

Adds element of professionalism

Your YouTube videos might look more polished if you use watermarks. By tagging them, you communicate to your audience how much you value their opinion and how happy you are of the fantastic material you have produced. Additionally, it provides your videos a unified appearance that heightens their professionalism.

Improves branding

The visible representation of your brand can be a video watermark. A watermark strengthens the branding of your channel, whether it includes a logo or just the name of your company. A watermark gives an outstanding brand experience together with gorgeous YouTube channel art and unique thumbnails.

For increasing subscribers

Anyone who has a YouTube channel is aware of the difficulties in expanding it. The good news is that a video watermark can help you grow your subscriber base! The watermark contains a link that allows visitors to subscribe to your channel when they hover over it or click it. A watermark also helps viewers trust and respect your channel by demonstrating its originality, which is another great approach to increase your subscriber count.

For protecting your content

Ripping is a frequent worry when making YouTube videos. Use a watermark to safeguard your video clip if you don’t want someone to take it. Watermarking can aid in tracing the source of a video while not completely circumventing video theft protection.

How to add watermark to your Youtube videos

You should first grab your logo or make a suitable version. The reduced version will have a 50×50 pixel size. Go to your YouTube channel from there, select “customize,” then select “branding” on the following screen, before adding the watermark further down. When finished, click PUBLISH in the top right corner of that page. Set it to display for the entire duration of each video. Don’t forget to check out the finished product on a live video thereafter.


Including a YouTube watermark is a smart move. The spectator sees more elements on the screen, and it can result in more subscriptions. Utilizing your logo also helps to increase branding a little bit.

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