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Islamabad: Blue World City declared that the blocks up for balloting will be open from March 18, 2024, until March 22, 2024. Block voting is scheduled for March 30 2024, at the Blue World City Site. The General Block, Overseas Block, Sports Valley, Awami, and Waterfront Blocks are the blocks that are up for voting.

Following multiple requests from investors who, because of the short Ramzan timings, are unable to meet the payment ballot criteria. The administration of Blue World City has made the decision to extend the deadline until Friday, March 22, 2024. Investors will find it useful for qualifying ballots and submitting payments.

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According to BWC Management, no request for a ballot-qualifying extension will be considered.

Additionally, until March 22, 2024, all additional notifications, including the APR Rate Card, merger offers, and surcharge waiver offer, will be available.

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