cda 2 billion margalla tree plantation project - tree plantation on margalla hills

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Islamabad: CDA has announced a major project worth PKR 2 billion to increase biodiversity in the Margalla Hills.

The goal is to plant 10 million trees over the 39,000 acres of the national park, as outlined in the plan’s details.

The project proposal, entitled “Enhancing Biodiversity and Green Cover through the Management of Natural Resources, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation of the Margalla Hills National Park Landscape,” will be submitted for financial consideration in the next fiscal year.

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The initiative’s five-year goals are to increase biodiversity and animal life, mitigate the effects of climate change, and address environmental problems, including decreased vegetation and water outflow.

Important tactics include planting native plants, hiring security guards, examining dams, and building water ponds. The CDA representatives underscore the significance of the program in augmenting green space and biodiversity, along with their resolute commitment to its success.

Prominent individuals including Anwarul Haq, the Chairman of the CDA, and Qaiser Khattak, Member Environment, Director General Environment, have endorsed the plan.

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