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International Day of Happiness


We observe World Happiness Day on March 20 each year. Raises awareness of the concept that improving people’s happiness and wellness should be a priority for the betterment of humanity.

On World Happiness Day, take a moment to appreciate your happiness! We all should be primarily cheerful, except in an unfavorable state. It’s unfortunate that for many of us, feeling angry or depressed is becoming a routine state of affairs. Therefore, today is a good day to be positive and recognize the positive aspects of life. 

We will highlight the origin and importance of International Happiness Day, as well as the reasons behind its celebration, in this blog.

History of World Happiness Day

The roots of World Happiness Day are genuinely worldwide. Jayme Illien, an advisor, presented the concept to the UN in 2011. Illien also modeled “happytalism” and the United Nations New Economic Paradigm endeavor. That seeks to modify how countries achieve growth in their economies by highlighting “happytalism” above capitalism.

The United Nations General Assembly approved the idea in July 2012 and formally founded International Happiness Day. Scientists officially observed it for the first time in 2013. The festival recognizes the universal importance of happiness, its desirability, and the necessity of integrating happiness into laws and regulations.

The United Nations, Action for Happiness,, and various other agencies recognize and sponsor the World Happiness Day. Anyone can express uplifting tales about what brings them joy and how that joy benefits those around them. And how it can open doors to greater possibilities via different sites and digital platforms.

What is World Happiness Day?

Every year on March 20, people around the world mark World Happiness Day, a worldwide day of joy, health, and kindness. On this day, people honor and acknowledge the significance of happiness in people’s lives and are inspired to take steps to advance peace of mind within their own societies and groups.

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World Happiness Day may seem like an opportunity to practice optimism or express gratitude for the things in your life that bring you joy. However, it’s actually a United Nations project with a more important goal. According to the UN, happiness can only be shared by all when there is equality among every person.

When is World Happiness Day 2024?

Every year on March 20, the United Nations organizes a worldwide celebration called the World Happiness Day. It reminds us that experiencing happiness is a human right that should be honored. If you’re not feeling joyous on this particular day, the festivities just might make you feel better!

An equinox occurs when the sun’s center lies exactly above the Earth’s equator on March 8. Nearly equal amounts of time are spent during the day and night on Earth during the equinox. Everybody on the Earth is affected by the equinox, which is a wonderful fit with the concept of the Day of Happiness. Every one of the 193 nations that make up the United Nations has observed the International Happiness Day on March 8 since 2013.

How did the International Happiness Day start?

The concept dates back to 1972, when Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the King of Bhutan, declared that happiness should be the primary indicator of a nation’s development rather than its GDP or level of output. Gross National Happiness (GNH) is what he named it. Once more, it’s not only a charming concept. Bhutan created a framework to gauge people’s level of happiness depending on factors such as their surroundings, schooling, place of residence, spending habits, emotional wellness, and general wellness. 

About 300 questions are asked of people in Bhutan, and the answers are analyzed annually to track development. The nation’s decisions are made by the authorities using the findings and concepts of GNH.

Purpose of World Happiness Day 

Every year, on March 20, people observe World Happiness Day. This day aims to raise understanding about happiness and educate people about its importance. On July 12, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly approved an agreement designating March 20, 2012, as International Happiness Day. In 2013, the 193 member nations of the United Nations observed the First International Happiness Day.

Achieving happiness in life is an essential social objective. That is perceived differently by billions of individuals worldwide. The goal of World Happiness Day, which falls on March 20, is to celebrate these distinctions while making the most of all the opportunities you have to be happy.

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How to Observe International Happiness Day 

There are lots of options and things to do in honor of the International Happiness Day! It could be enjoyable to think of some original ways to observe the day. Try starting by considering a few of the following suggestions:

Exchange Thoughts on Happiness

A fantastic way to start would be for everyone to share what brings them satisfaction. People’s spirits can be raised, and their sense of contentment with life increases by taking a moment to acknowledge and cherish things for which they have cause for gratitude, no matter how small. Additionally, it could be a good idea to consider making this an ongoing practice rather than just doing it once a year, perhaps by keeping a thankfulness diary.

You can start on a path toward increased happiness by utilizing the excellent tools offered by organizations like Action for Happiness. These involve stuff like applications for smartphones or monthly activity planners that offer daily reminders on how to live a more positive and thoughtful existence.

Although these are excellent means of enhancing one’s own wellness, our services to the communities and organizations in which we reside also contribute to happiness.

Join Hands to Achieve Happiness

Take a look at a step-by-step approach and schedule frequent get-togethers with people who share your goals to encourage one another to take action and lead better lives. Additionally, volunteering or making a donation to a preferred charity that encourages charitable activities might be a smart decision. 


In conclusion, World Happiness Day is a festival on a global scale of the yearning for happiness. That unites all people and shows the significance of promoting happiness, wellness, and joy in our individual and collective lives. It serves as an indicator of the importance of happiness in our lives and the need for happiness to be incorporated into our laws and policies. 

On this day, we might take time to consider what makes us happy and work toward bettering our own and those around us. Let’s work to build a world where all people have the chance to live a joyful and fulfilled life and let every day be an occasion to celebrate happiness.


Q. Why is the International Happiness Day observed?

The UN’s International Happiness Day effort aims to raise consciousness regarding the value of wellness of people worldwide as well as the basic human pursuit of happiness.

Q. How is the World Happiness Day observed?

In addition to focusing on the larger necessity of making people happy worldwide, this day can be observed by doing things to make another person happy. Consider making a financial contribution to support a society that requires clean water or combats gender inequality and poverty. 

Q. What is the World Happiness Day 2024 theme?

The day’s topic varies annually, but previous themes have included 10 Steps to Happiness, Happier Together, Happiness for All, and Happiness for All Forever.

Q. When is the International Happiness Day 2024?

Every year on March 20, the United Nations organizes a worldwide celebration called the International Happiness Day. 

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