Iran President Ebrahim Raisi Dies in Helicopter Crash

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Iran news: In the tragic Ebrahim Raisi helicopter crash, the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, is reported dead. Also, other top officials were unable to survive Raisi’s helicopter accident. The misfortune happened in bad weather. There was a lot of fog, making it difficult to see. An Iranian official confirmed this Iran news. 

Vice President Mohsen Mansouri revealed the heartbreaking news. He confirmed Ebrahim Raisi’s death and said that the President, Foreign Minister, and all other passengers died in the helicopter crash in Iran. 

Prominent people, including the governor of East Azerbaijan Province and a spokesman for Iran’s Supreme Leader, died in the helicopter crash. It was reported by a US-made Bell 212. The Iranian army and the elite Revolutionary Guard searched and rescued the area. But they were unable to locate any survivors. 

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National and International Response

Prayers for President Ebrahim Raisi were conducted across the nation. People came together in sadness. Many countries are offering foreign assistance and condolences. These countries include the United States, China, and the European Union. 

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Transition of Power

According to the Iranian constitution, the Vice President takes charge of such unexpected events. Hence, Vice President Mohmmad Mokhber shall take over as president in the event of President Ebrahim Raisi’s untimely death. Within 50 days, he will make a council. The council will include a parliament speaker, the judiciary head, and the first vice president. The first vice president will supervise the planning of a new presidential election. 

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